Get more out of you Samsung Gear 2 using these tips and tricks

Samsung’s new attempts at smartwatches, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, prove to have many great features. We present you just a few of the tips and FAQ to help you make the most out of your smart devices.

Knowing some shortcuts is always good

Because they have so many features and apps available, knowing some of the shortcuts will help you reduce swiping and tapping on the screen.

You can tap your home button twice and the watch will send you to your chosen app. To set the app all you have to do is go to Settings and Select Double Tap.

Smart relay will save you time

This is a nice liitle feature which will enable you to see what notifications the phone has sent you. This feature is alos available for Galaxy Gear as well. Pick up your phone when you are notified by your watch to be sent directly to that application. To enable this feature just go to Gear Manager on your paired device, the Notification and check the Smart Relay box.

Changing some of the home screen icons

You can change the home screen apps on Gear 2 but are not able to change them from your watch. You have to go to Gear Manager, select Home Screen Styler and then tap Clock, scroll to the selected homescreen, click the gear icon, and after that you are able to change the icons.

Lock and unlock your phone with your Gear

You probably did not know you can do this with your Gear. To enable this feature, all you have to do is go to Gear Manager app, Settings, Screen Security then tap on Auto-lock. Now you are able to simply swipe to unlock when the Gear is near your phone.

What is this? Taking pictures with your voice?

Maybe you found yourself in a situation where it was hard to keep the camera still while taking a picture. Samsung came with a solution, use your voice to take pictures. Go to Gear Manager, My Apps, S Voice Setting and check the box for Incoming calls and camera. To take a picture simply say ‘œCapture’, ‘œSmile’ or ‘œCheese’ and you are done. This works for answering or rejecting incoming calls.

Customize your text templates

With the Gear watches, you are able to have pre-written responses, so you do not have to look for you phone. Even more so, you can even write your own replies so go to Gear Manager on your paired device, Settings, Text Input Methods, and then customize your messages.

Transfer photos automatically

You are now able to sync your watch to automatically send videos and photos to your paired smartphone. Head down to Gear Manager, My Apps, Camera and there you have Auto Transfer, tap on ‘œAlways’ or ‘œOnly when charging’.

Ignore calls the easy way

Gear will alert you when you receive any incoming calls this giving you the ability to either accept or reject it, using touch or voice. Also, you can simply cover your Gear with your palm and the watch will ignore the call. This gives a whole new meaning to ‘œtalk to the hand’.

Your device could be a lifesaver

You are now able to sent a SOS message with your GPS coordinates by simply pressing the main button three times. For this neat feature to go Gear Manager, Settings, Safety Assistance and tap Send Help Messages.

Keep track of your heart rate

Gear 2 has a fitness feature although it is not easy to understand how it works. The pedometer will enable you to keep count of your steps, but you can also read your heart rate. All you have to do is activate the Exercise Mode. It will monitor your heart rate until you turn it off, or when the battery runs out, so simply keep an eye on your battery in this mode.