Get another VR hit with Oculus Rift hacks

Just as many prototypes, Oculus has its own share of bugs and unfinished kits. It may not sound like a good thing, but the thing is, that this is actually an encouragement for modders, developers, inventors and even hackers, to try and improve them by adding something new to the units.

These things really improve Rift and while Oculus see what people are doing, they include these advances in their units and it was estimated that by 2027, a perfect Oculus Rift device will be developed.

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Right here you will see the projects that are at the Rift’s base and made it either very useful of very weird.

Oculus Rift’s start

Intuitive Aerial, a Swedish aerial photography company, decided to combine the Rift with an airborne drone’s live feed. This little idea could be the start of something impressive as it can give you the illusion that you are drifting off on a gust of wind.

Wireless Rift

Probably the best idea is that the Rift needs to be wireless, but first Oculus has to sort other basics. While Oculus works on these issues, other people have managed to make a Rift run somewhat wirelessly.

Rift with stereo cameras

This idea might seem a bit ridiculous but it shows some great potential when you think that you can change reality’s view in a way which is impossible with gears such as Google Glass, for example.

Just imagine having some spaceships flying above you, building collapsing on you, or even a lovely lady or gent looking directly at you.

Improving reality with eye trackers

A researcher from the Danish the IT University of Copenhagen, put an infrared eye-tracking camera inside Rift’s housing. This allowed Rift to accurately track the eyes’ movements. It means that VR will become more real and that even CG characters might be able to make eye contact with you.

Third-person perspective

Love Assassin’s Creed? Wanted to have a more real feel from the game? Or to better experience that impressive leap of faith? Some Polish developers from completely changed Oculus Rift’s perspective into a third person one. They used a pair of GoPos, an Arduino kit and, well, poles which created a view above the player. Important to remember would be that this team managed to change eye tracking to head tracking, thus changing the angles of the stereo cameras.

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How to live with lag

Even though it a Swedish internet provider’s advert, it can still count as a hack as well. This company managed to combine a Raspberry Pi and an Oculus Rift in order to give a better feed to a GoPro video which was attached to the headset.

The twist comes when they decided to add a delay to the feed starting from a third of a second and up to three seconds. Needless to say the results were very funny, and the user looked as if he danced Zumba drunk or tried to pancakes, the dangerous way.