Fitness trackers of 2015

There are many trackers that are very good, with a nice design and useful functions, that's why you must figure out what is the best tracker for you and your needs. That's why there are several categories of trackers to help you with this.

Some of them are: the best for losing weight, for notifications, for a tight budget, best for sleep tracking and last but not least, best for simplicity.

1. The best tracker for losing weight is the Withings. As well as any other wearable device such as Activite and Pulse, Withings will monitor you sleep, you steps, your blood pressure and so on. If you are looking forward to lose weight responsibly and cautiously this is the best health tracker you can get. For ordering it you can access and get it for $149.

2. The best tracker for notifications is probably Fitbit Surge that is closely followed by Garmin Vivosmart.

Fitbit Surge is a special sports tracker that is also monitoring your heart rate. You can buy it from for $249.

Secondly, Garmin Vivosmart is a mix of a pretty smart watch with very useful tracking features that you can read on the curved OLED display. You can get it from for $169.99.

Sony SmartBand Talk is the third device in line, and it is somehow in between a smart watch and a fitness tracker. The advantage is that it is based on a sensor system, it has an accelerometer and altimeter, that are helpful when you want to track your activities. The smart watch-fitness tracker costs $169 on

3. Best devices for a tight budget are Mistfit Flash, Razer Nabu X, Xiaomi Mi Band and Pivotal Living.

The Misfit Flash has the same technology as Misfit Shine or Swarovski Shine but without the sparkling crystal. The tracker is good for monitoring you sleep, steps, swims and so on and you can find it at $49.99 on

Razber Nabu X offers a sleep and step tracking at a low price of only $49.99 at

Xiaomi Mi Band did not leave China until now but you must keep in mind that is an amazing tracker at an amazing price of $34.99 on

Pivotal Living is standard sleep and step tracking and you can buy it from for only $12.

4. The best sleep tracking device is the Misfit Shine. The tracker will auto-detect you sleeping cycles and you can therefore be sure that you won't lose any data or information. Due to its thin design you can easily wear it at night. You can buy this from for $99.

5. The best for simplicity tracker is the Acer Liquid Leap.The advantage of this tracker is that it is so easy to use, easier than any other one on the market. All the details about your sleep, runs, steps are simply displayed on the screen, meaning that you don't even have to bother to open some additional app. You can buy this from for $125.