Fitbit Surge - Know everything about your fitness tracker

The Fitbit Surge is the latest release of Fitbit, and as they call it, it is a super watch that has big chances of taking over Apple's Watch or the Microsoft Band.

Fitbit Surge was announced together with the Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge HR, but the Fitbit Surge is actually the star in this line-up.

Fitbit Surge: Design, Build, Display

Fitbit Surge, comparted to the Fitbit Zip or Fitbit Flex it is clearly more smartwatch and less fitness tracker.

You can find the Fitbit Surge in three sizes, the smallest fitting wrists sized 5.5 to 6.7 inches, and the largest one 7.8 to 9.1 inches. You can also choose the of your rubber strap: black, blue or tangerine. The screen doesn't have anything special, but a 1.25 inch LCD display. The screen is one of the point where the Fitbit Surge is a bit out-of-fashion.

Fitbit Surge: Hardware, GPS, Sensors

The main things that placed Fibit Surge on the top lists of fitness trackers, are the GPS and a non-stop heart rate monitoring that is called PurePulse.

The GPS is obviously helpful because you can accurately keep track of your runs, while the heart rate monitor is making the Fitbit Surge a direct competitor to the Basis Peak and the Microsoft Band.

This heart rate monitoring, even if it is not so developed, it is a great asset because you can now monitor more than just the regular activities such as running, cycling or swimming, but also a longer list of sports.

All the data gathered by the device will be stored so you can check all the ups and downs at the end of the month. The data stored can be at 1 second periods while exercising, and 5 seconds at any other time.

And on the other hand, the GPS will not only show you a more accurate running route, but it will also help you better keep track of things like pace, distance, elevation, split times, routes and many more.

The Fitbit Surge also comes with an accelerometer, gyroscope, a digital compass, altimeter, a light sensor and a vibration motor.

Fitbit Surge: Apps and activity tracking

The watch will be able to provide information on a series of sports and activities, such as running, cross-training, cycling, cardio and so on. And in order to provide you with relevant information, it will keep track of your pace, steps, distance, floors climbed, burnt calories and also, a very important aspect, it will keep track of your sleeping cycles. The Fitbit Surge will automatically detect if you are sleeping so that you won't have to tell the watch you are going to sleep and risking to fall asleep without doing it.

The Fitbit Surge will connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth or to your Mac via the wireless dongle. You can download the app on both Android, Windows Phone or iOS devices, so you can see your progress, records, maps and so on.

Fitbit Surge: In relation to your smartphone

Besides being a terrific smartwatch – fitness tracker, the device will also get the notifications from your smartphone, such as the incoming calls or text and also, the device will let you choose the music you want to listen to.

However, there is no leak on the fact that the Fitbit Surge will be able to receive notifications from third-party apps such as Facebook or Twitter.

Fitbit Surge: Battery life

The manufacturer announced a seven-day battery life, which would be amazing. But before saying anything clear, the device will have to be tested to see exactly how much time will the battery last.

Fitbit Surge: Release date and price

You can get the Fitbit Surge for £200 or $249, and it is already available on the company's website.