Fitbit Surge - early release date and more

Christmas and CES 2015 are close and after an year from the announcing of the heart rate monitoring BioSport buds, they are on sale this week.

The Fitbit Surge is available !

This amazing device is finally available but not for everyone, it is not released until 2015. A reader of their site said that they got in touch with him and told him he'd been selected for a limited early release of the long waited product.

It was heard that the people who expressed an interest on the company's website for the long waited device received an email from the company. The email was an invitation to order the Fitbit Surge overnight with a free shipping. Of course, the product was not free, just the shipping.

A wearable cloud – Pinto

There are so many types of USB flash drives, with different colours and shapes, that you can wear and they all do they same thing, store. There is nothing new on this.

On the other hand, Indiegogo will be the host of Pinto, which will hit the site soon. Pinto represents a different approach by creating a cloud storage on your wrist. You won't need a USB port for charging or syncing, just have it at your wrist and it will be enough.

A 7$ tracker

The subject of thursday's CNN report, was Fastfox, a technology startup from China which developed a 7$ smartwatch. Indeed, they've really done a 7$ smartwatch, that cheap. That was exactly the price that you needed to pledge on Pozible, an Australian crowdfunding site.

There are still plenty of them left that you can get for 8$ or 9$ even if most of them got nabbed.

This technology, the Fastfox device won't get so easy or won't get at all to the fame and likes of the Jawbone UP3 and Fitbit Charge but overall, China did a very good job with this product.

Wearable cameras and Obama's statement

The President of United States, Barack Obama, announced a plan that involved equiping more police officers with body cameras to know what exactly, when and with who happened a certain event. He said that the police will be spending 75 million dollars to buy like 50.000 cameras for the law enforcement. According to Bloomberg, a day after the statement of the president, stocks of wearable cameras brand rose significantly.

One of them was GoPro which adjusted the price with 90$ cents raising it to 74.40$.