Filming amazing GoPro videos has never been easier

Having a wearable camera such as the GoPro can be very useful at the end of the day. This device will let you capture some nice action filled videos, something nearly impossible to do with an ordinary snapper.

You can be sure that you can make a pretty nice looking video of you doing different tricks with your bike by using some of these few tips and hints for action cam videos.

The angle may save the day

Usually, when you look at videos you notice that the very best ones not only include as much action as possible, but they also present the scenery around very well. The new GoPro will give various options when looking at the view fields such as: narrow, wide or medium. For the best results we would recommend you to use wither the narrow or the medium lens seeing as how the ‘œextra-wide’ option may result in a barrel effect.

The believe that the point of view or POV is the best way to go for these videos, as it can capture things you usually do not see everywhere. Also a great tip is to always use the natural light to your advantage.

The Fisheye lens ‘“ be sure to make most of it

You can use the wide angle to realize some very nice looking fisheye photographs. And, perhaps it good news if you like taking selfies as this lens is able to fit in a lot of background. Right now, the GoPole Grenade Grips may come in handy bause it will give the possibility to take a photo at arm’s length.

Play around with the filters

Just so you know what’s up, we are talking about the actual camera filters which will make a huge improvement to your videos. You have a wide variety of filter options such as the red filter which will make your underwater footage look incredible. Use the Neutral Density (ND) filter when shooting footage in a very bright or snowy day just to make sure your footage is as smooth as it can be.

Customize your settings

GoPro gives you the ability to choose the white balance, but if you trust the camera, you can leave these settings on auto. Try out different things, change the exposure and sharpness, find out what works and looks good to you.

Mount your camera

There a lot of different varieties of mounts for action cams, among them being the GoPro Fetch for dogs, clamps and mic stand mounts for heads, surfboards or even handlebars. By securing things you can help dampen the vibration cause by the constant movement.

Time to edit and create a context

Although three minutes of continuous footage of you skiing down a mountain a high speed doesn’t sound so bad, if you plan to do the same with cycling along a woodland trail sounds incredibly boring. Try to diversify things, mix up the settings, angles, put in some close-ups, even dare to add some handheld footage. GoPro offers a free video editing software, the GoPro Studio 2.0 to put together your footage. Main idea would be, keep it short and you can be sure that your friends will not get bored.

Alter the time

Try playing around with how time works on you video. Use the software to either slow down some part of the footage or speed other up, honestly right here, your imagination is the limit. For example, you can play a 60fps video at 30fps and the speed will be slowed. The new GoPro cams have a Time Lapse Mode, with this you can select the interval when the camera is taking the snaps. A good idea would be to use the GorillaPod for this. The good news don’t end here, the GoPro cams are also waterproof.