Everything you need to know about the Razer Nabu

Nabu was long expected and it will be finally released.

It was first shown off at CES 2014 and it has every chance of success due to the ambitious plans of Razer.

On 2 of December, the band will be launched in US but if you are in the Razer Insiders program, you can buy one today.

5000 of them are available.

Release date

The initial release date was set on 31 October and the product was priced at ‚¬99. The product wasn't released and company didn't stated anything else after this.

After some time, they said that it will be available from 2 December on the Razer website. If you are not in the Insider program, you will have to wait until December.

There is currently no word on when you can get the Nabu treatment, if you don't live in the US. These are the bad news.

The new fitness trackers, Fitbit Charge, Microsoft Band and the Basic Peak will surely have some competition with Razer.

How it looks?

This device is made from certified hypoallergenic materials and there won't be any skin rashes as in the case of Fitbit. It also has a scratch and shatter resistant display. Razer Nabu features an anti-glare coating as well.

The size of the device can be adjusted with the two extra clasps if the normal size does not fit. It has been produced in two different sizes and four different colours so check all of them before buying.


An impressive list of planned features is shown by Razer and it will push the boundaries of the wearable tech.

Razer created this band by combining a normal smartwatch with texts, calls, and social networks with the traditional activity tracking tech such as steps taken, distance travelled and more.

You can see your private messages on the underside of the band, where none else can see them. Experiments are undergoing on the shake features, where the user can swipe away the notifications by shaking.

Nabu Pulse is a feature of the Razer Nabu which will alert you when any Nabu user friends are near you and if you meet someone with a Nabu that you don't know, contact details will be swapped between the bands.

Specs and Hardware

An 128x 32 OLED display will be equipped on the Nabu. Notifications and social messages will appear on it.

Its advantages are that it uses fewer battery and the company stated that it will last almost a week before charging it again.

The altimeter, accelerometer and the splash-proof build are some other features of the Nabu.


The Razer Nabu will work with Android, iOS and even the Windows Phone through Nabu Utility and Nabu Fitness apps. One will help you with activity tracking and one with managing your device and notifications.

After the device will be launched, a Nabu App Marketplace will go live, as well as a platform for the developers.

The store will be filled with apps and an example might be the Timi Run Everyday app which will convert your activity data into game powerups in a 2D runner game.


A certain price wasn't announced yet but they did say that it will be sold for a low price. It expected to be sold for less than 100$ due to the July 2014 events when the band could be bought by lucky testers for 49$.