Epson and its sports watches make their way through the market

A new entry on the wearable market is that of Epson. The company declared the fact that it will release two types of watches. One of them will be for avid runners and the other one for those that want to live a healthier life.

Those will be available in various models and will represent the first attempts of Epson in this field of fitness market. Anyway, it is known that this is not the first attempt on releasing a wearable. Epson aimed to compete against Google Glass and set out on the market the Moverio smartglasses.

What about the Epson Runsense?

Epson Runsense represents a watch that has GPS incorporated that will provide a bunch of info about the training in progress by simply using an app that works on both iOS and Android. It will be able to measure tracking distance, pace and time. But aside from those regular features, Runsense will offer you info about stride distance and foot angle.

Epson takes advantage of the fact that almost all manufacturers tend to let behind the GPS feature. The company follows the concept that GPS is the heart of a valuable running watch. The fact that by using this watch you will have more than the regular info about distance, underlines the fact that Epson aims to get on its side the serious runners. Anyway, it is strange that the smartwatch does not have a heart rate tracking option. Epson is known for its activity monitor, but the Runsense will be able to sync with those devices in order to transfer its data.

It will be available in three versions that have strange names. SF-310 will be the one that provides regular fitness tracking, the SF-510 will have the stride sensor tech and the SF-710 will be the one which will provide high quality in features like pace and lap. Also, the latter will be able to offer more data.

What about the Epson Pulsense?

Epson Pulsense is for regular runners and it is said that will tend to compete against Jawbone and Fitbit. It is different from other products in its category because of the fact that it has an optical sensor that allows you to acknowledge the blood pressure in your body. This is very helpful when you are trying to keep track of your entire body stats. There will be two variants: the PS-100 that will offer important info only through the app and the PS-500 which will provide you more info without using the app all the time.