Dress not to impress but to monitor your moods

And here we are taking about the actually impressive 3D printed smart dress that is using Intel technology in order to track your mood. And Intel made huge progress for supporting this project, and letting the designer Anouk Wipprecht bring together the new Edison chip and some high couture fashion.

On those areas there is also a rumor that one of Intel's newest costumers, Basis are planning to launch their new smartwatch somewhere during the next year, an amazing silicone device that somehow forced the all time known Dutch fashion designer to create a dress, which is not only a dress but can also do stuff like monitoring your mood.

In partnership with Intel and their Edison chip, Synapse made the design and made the functions of a dress, 3D printed it by using a TPU 92A-1 material, that by a process called laser sintering it can be easily cut and designed, considering the fact that the material is very durable and it contains a rubber-like plastic.

This is the premiere of using the Edison chip into a device that actually brought a unique approach on the wearable tech market.

For example, one of the defensive things that the dress is able to do is due to the proximity sensor, that will make the dress explode in a ray of light if someone will get too close to you and intruding in your comfort zone.

Moreover, there is a camera that is constantly taking pictures of you whenever your mood changes from tensed to relaxed and the other way around, because it could be constructive for you to be able to look back at that particular moment and figure what made you feel that way.

Along with the dress, you will also receive a headpiece, that, as you would probably expect, it is not only for design purposes. It will actually monitor your attention and will raise a signal for the ones who are trying to keep you busy with some chit-chat conversations.

The Intel Edison was first introduced at CES 2014 and it was especially designed for wearable tech. Even if it is a big thicker than a regular SD Card, it still has a dual-core Intel CPU, 1GB RAM and 4 GB of onboard storage. You also have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB port.

The question was for a long time now, what will the company do with the chip, and the answer came in like a shock. Intel's implications on the wearable tech market had been growing week by week, and the chip has had a lot of media attention, but also the chip was mentioned at the Opening Ceremony on the smart fashion bracelet MICA, along with other high-class in-fashion smartwatches.

There's also a company that made a contest named “make it wearable”, that will give as a prize $1.3m to the project that states the best wearable concept.