Debunking the Apple Watch rumour mill

After two years of intense speculation, the Apple Watch is finally here.

The first round of speculation finished and now the next one starts. The talks about the screen, the apps, the battery life and features will be everywhere.

About the first speculations, we gathered few and we answered them in the following.

Apple Watch will be a band

There were rumours that Nike is working with Apple to create a band, the “iBand”. All the attention was taken by this and also all the speculations that appeared until that time were gone. The “iBand” for sure, could be nice, but it wasn't real.

Rumour verdict : Wrong

Apple's collaboration on the watch creation

Most of the rumours on the iBand were caused by key designers and developers that started moving to Apple. Of course, everyone thought that they are going to collaborate for the new product creation. The speculations weren't only about Nike. There were rumours about Swatch company too, but they denied immediately any involvement. This rumour crashed the company's stock.

Rumour verdict: wrong

Will it be called iWatch or iTime?

There weren't any facts that leaded to this speculations. There were only thoughts shared by the rumour gods.

There was another rumour that some old Apple patent surfaced that reffered to the iWatch as the iTime.

Rumour verdict: Wrong

Will it be made of sapphire glass?

This is one rumour that was actually true. It was predicted good that the face of the Apple Watch will be made of sapphire glass. This was a triumph for the rumour gods.

Rumour verdict : Right

Three sizes for the Apple Watch

Another rumour was about the watch sizes. Some reports in Taiwan in July said that Apple will launch three models of the iWatch, all with different sizes. This came true.

Rumour verdict: Right

Will it have a curved display?

More misleading patents created more speculations about the new Apple product. This time, it was said that the watch will be made of curved glass. Clearly, they were wrong.

Rumour verdict : Wrong

Its release date will be in 2015

John Paczkowski said, at Re/Code, that the Apple Watch will be released in 2015 and he was right. The grand slam of rumours was won by Re/Code for predicting the correct date of the launch of the product.

Rumour verdict: Right

It will sell for 400$

This rumour about a 400$ price of the product induced panic to the tech lovers. Panic faded a little when Appled confirmed that this is just a rumour and that the real price will be 349$.

Rumour verdict : Close

It will have the full version of iOS

Many iWatch Watchers asserted that Apple Watch will run on a full iOS version, like iPhones for example. Also Bloomberg stated this, which was proven wrong later.

Rumour verdict: Wrong

Wireless charging

The wireless charging was one of the first rumours on the watch. It was also heard that this could work up to a metre away. Actually, the watch, charges with a wire, connected to the wall.

Rumour verdict: Wrong