Christmas bargains from big name brands on wearables

If you wanna buy something for Christmas for yourself or if you want to give someone as a gift, a wearable, there are some good deals on the Misfit Shine, the LG G Watch R, the Samsung Gear fit, the Jawbone UP24 and the Sony SmartBand. Check them and make you or somebody else happy, this Christmas.

Fitness trackers, smartwatches and more have a great discount this year so go ahead and check them.

These are the best deals that you can get this Christmas, for wearables. These great offers are mostly available for the UK and US customers.

The Garmin Vivofit

The best price that you can get for this device is 76$ and even if its a bit old, the long battery life will make you think again about buying it.

Sells for 76$.

Sony SmartBand

A good deal for a Sony SWR10 SmartBand is 49£. It is basically at half price so make up your mind and take one.

Sells for 49£


Save 40£ and buy the LG G Watch R for 175£ from the Amazon France, thank to the wonders of the EU, UK and the other Europeans.

Sells for 175£ / 221‚¬

If you cannot find it there anymore, check it on Mobile Fun. There it is being sold for 209£, having a 10% discount.

Sells for 209£


Misfit is a great fitness tracker with a good price and full of amazing features. It is one of the best, especially for who likes to swim.

Available on Amazon UK, the Shine version sells for 54£, a bit cheaper than the plastic one.

The Shine version sells for 64£.

Samsung Gear Fit

There is a rare deal on this product and you must take advantage of it. This powerful fitness tracker sells for 99$ on Amazon and it is well-known that it is one of the best in the matter of notification and fitness tracking. On the other hand, it isn't that accurate with the numbers.

Sells for 99$.

Best deal of the week – Jawbone

If you are in the UK, you can buy a Jawbone for yourself at Currys. This is the best offer you will find on the internet.

This UP 24 is a good tracker, a top one, even if the Jawbone UP3 is going to be released soon and at this price, it is a really good deal.

Sells for 40£

Mobile Fun stated that it sells the UP24 Jawbone for 70£ which isn't a bad price if Boots were to sell out.

Sells for 70£