Cheat your fitness tracker this holiday

It's pretty hard to maintain your relationship with your fitness tracker on Christmas. You wear it most days and you work hard to hit your daily targets and goals. Since it is Christmas you can take a break from tracking calories and hitting your daily targets.
It's time to watch a lot of movies everyday, eat chocolate and roasted dinner. According to this, Christmas and fitness tracker don't go along together at all.

There are few ways that will help you cheat your fitness tracker (at least in your fitness band's eye). Just this time only!

The Role Model: Teens nowadays are obsessed with gadgets, so you could just give your fitness tracker to a teen. They like these fancy devices, but get easily bored. You can watch some movies in the house while your niece or nephew is out playing with the other kids.

Reward them by slightly suggesting that you might buy them an UP Move for their birthday and show them what they've achieved in your Jawbone app.

The Sleeping Dragon: Secure it onto your grandpa

Your heart rate has been all over the place between the tension of pass the parcel and realising there's enough Christmas dinner.

Grandpa won't mind lending you his dozing 45 bpm for a bit if you like to talk up with your friends about your low resting rate. It's a cozy way to make sure your grandparents are sleeping.

The Classic way: Attach your fitness tracker to your pet

Attach it to a pet or a child who is learning to walk. Everything that is constantly moving: cat, dog, three year old. You just need to hit 10,000 daily steps.

Make sure you attach it tight so you won't have to buy a new fitness gadget because Wolf, the dog kicked yours down the street.

The Down and Dirty: You can manually enter exercise in the application

After Christmas, at the end of the month around 30 December, you will make plans to get going on your gym routine again in the weekend. That's good.

Just tap the lies into your fitness application. The best way it's to choose a workout you normally do and add an extra one for the next weekend in order to balance out your calories and conscience. Make sure you disable the auto-post to Facebook or your other half will know what you are planning to do.

Here are a few words from Kieran Alger, the editor from our running guides…

You don't have to cheat, you can just do it

“You don't have to cheat, you can do it. Cheating it's for losers so ignore everything you've just read. Let's be honest, you've probably been a slacker for most of the past two weeks.

This is the best time to get up, exercise and earn your points. Take your dog for a walk, exercise a bit, spend your time with the kids: dance or play with the them, wait on grandma. Don't cheat yourself! “