Categories of wearable users

The wearable technology makes our life better! We're permanently collating incredibly personal data, from fitness trackers to brain monitors, which makes this new breed technology the most personal ever.

We discovered only five types of wearable user by using advanced science that involved chilling in the bar and just talking nonsense. We made this classification so you can all identify with, and in case you didn't found yourself here please let us know.

Tell us in the comments which one implements you, or if you think that we missed you out. So, as we said, here are five types of wearable user.

The newbie

It's new in the fitness adventure, and he equipped himself with fitness tech, suitable for top runners such as chest straps for vertical oscillation, a watch monitoring his VO2 Max, foot pods for cadence and headphones for heart beat. He only ran for two miles around the park and he is producing more data than the entire Tour De France peloton.

The fitness hero

The fitness hero also known as Ironwoman needs only extreme sport watches like Garmin Fenix 2's 50 hours of GPS tracking, just to go through her weekend training program. She is very active, a 21st century fitness hero, completing the three events of the triathlon before the rest of us have woken from our sleep. It's pretty easy to recognize the male version in the wild by his distinctive lycra leggings.

The tech freak

The tech freak or the early adopter has more money than brains. He is buying everything as soon as it becomes available so you can recognize him by the six Samsung smartwatches on his wrist, a couple of ropey fitness trackers, Google Glass and an Oculus Rift developer kit at home. He is always looking for the latest device that came up in order to buy it.

The Crowdfunder

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet. The gadget animal founded 25 new wearables in 2014 and he hasn't got a single one. He's very proud of his original application, Pebble, which may be the best smartwatch out there. He's funding projects but his smart ring is on its 40 stretch goal, the brain wave emoticon tracker is still delayed and the creators of the connected toiled have stopped replying to email.

The lifelogger

Lifelogging is the process of tracking personal data generated by our own behavioral activities. The lifelogger tracks personal activity data like exercising, sleeping and eating. Thanks to her precious fitness tracker which may be starting over her life, this lady is making all the right choices. Last night she slept 8.3 hours and she is at 105% of her daily goal. This means she increased her step target to 12,000 per day. The gadget added 38 calories to her registered intake and she's at the second coffee of the day. It's all registered for a close reading later, and she hopes she makes the grade.