Can Basis manage to stay ahead?

Basis came out with its twist on wrist trackers marking a new step forward for wearable technology.

Up until now, you could only get an accurate heart rate reading by using a chest strap, an optional extra available with GPS running watches. Basis Peak believes that their sensors can read your heart rate very accurately from your wrist, something with which other big name brands are struggling to achieve.

Basis made such an impression on Intel with its technology, that in March 2014 the company decided to help it with over $100m. Mike Bell, Intel’s VP, praised Basis for using ‘œactual science’ in the sensor technology.

The remains, who is Basis exactly? How did it manage such progress with its sensors? Product VP Ethan Fassett talks about how Basis became a leader in the market and said that Basis is very focused on helping people improve their health.

The main focus was on the LED optical heart rate sensor use to ‘œsee’ and monitor the very smart colour changes which happened when the blood pulsed through the arteries.

View some cardiovascular insights

In order to better understand how the heart works, it is crucial to look at some cardiovascular insights, and Basis is of the same opinion. Using very accurate sensors, Basis is able to overcome some problems and even use tracking motion sensors when the wearer is using the indoor cycle to exercise, while on the surface it seems you are actually just standing there doing nothing. Peak is able to overlook that small detail and give you information about your actual calorie burn.

The activity tracker market if filled with inaccurate and poor heart rare monitor readers. Many of these trackers can be easily fooled due to the fact that they have to estimate steps and miles with their sensors.

Fasssett believes that these issues are very hard to find a solution to, but not impossible. Basis has managed to find the problems and started working on them ahead of its competitors. This being said, Basis is well aware that it may not be able to keep the lead forever. Many companies of the companies have a lot of talented and smart people to help them catch up in no time.

What does this mean exactly? That Basis glory days are numbered? Or maybe Basis will profit from Intel’s help and manage to keep one a ahead of the competitors? We just have to wait and see.

Basis made some great innovations and it seems that it will continue along this path, something which will keep the competitors behind. They created this lead because they focused more on staying in the tracker game.

Does this mean that they are done with innovating? No, actually it is far from over seeing as how heart rate monitoring is barely at the beginning and sensors will supercharge the wearable technology. If Basis innovates them as it has done with their heart rate sensing, the leader title can be assured for a longer period.

And it what Basis aims to do with their new discovered biometrics which will help them achieve their goal in helping people be healthier.