Biggest news on wearable tech

So many wearables are being designed and released nowadays that it's tricky to keep up with who is designing what.

All the big wearable tech news from the last week, are here.

Heart rate buds – 50 Cent

These earbuds that monitor your heart rate have landed in the US and UK.

They're just the perfect Christmas present for the RunKeeper-using, rap-loving family members and friends.

They sell for a good and fair price of 150$ and they are full of tech. They got biometric sensors that measure relaxation levels and personalized playlists depending on your performance.

Pair them with the best fitness watches with music playback and enjoy your time running.

Ring is declared a failure by Kickstarter backers

This is the ring that was supposed to let you control everything. After it was shipped to the Kickstarter backers, it came back with a not so good feedback.

It came back with many bad words and disappointments, making it one of the worst wearables that ever came out.

This Ring makes your wrist light up like a Christmas tree when it notifications pop-up and attracts everyone's views.

The e-paper FES watch – Designed by Sony

A Japanese crowdfunding site was the host of a new smartwatch that landed on it. It clearly belongs to Sony as FES is a par of the Sony's New Business Creation team.

Also, the Michael Bastian Chronowing watch isnt built by HP, it's probably built by Meta. Meta also built de M1 smartwatch some time ago. The manufacturers are always hiding or borrowing brand names and the reason for this is unknown.

The Sony FES watch is undergoing, as well as the MB Chronowing but until then, the Withings Activité will replace those.

First smartwatch made by TAG – release in January

TAG Heuer's first smartwatch was confirmed in September and it will be released in January and it will be powered by Intel as the rumours say.

A battery life like the Withings Activité has is expected and a price that won't make the people cry. Also, classic looks are expected and it will be seen soon, what TAG made.

Crowdfund this

Fineck is a posture-tracking gadget that is placed round your neck and tells you how to walk and sit.

It is made from titanium and it strengthens your neck muscles with simple gyroscope-based and simple accelerometer games. Crowdfund the Fineck device.