Best projects worth crowfunding - part 2


It is safe to say that HIRIS is not just another wearable device. Most of the devices on the market are usually compounded from a lot of sensors, a band and an application that can tell you all the information you need to know such as steps, calories burnt, movements, sleep and so on.

But HIRIS will do another trick for you: you will be able to download apps to do things for you, containing the same information.

This is what HIRIS wants to do, to be an universal wearable tech similar to a computer that will allow you to establish what you need it for. Of course the app will have the regular fitness tracking possibilities, but moreover, you will be able to gesture control it or it will even have home automation.

It is good to know that by being a flexible device, the creator will be able to constantly improve and upgrade HIRIS.

The idea of HIRIS actually makes a lot of sense: if you are already buying the tech, why shouldn't you have the activity tracker app as well? This project has to gather $80,000 before the 1st of March and by paying $94 you will be able to have your own HIRIS tech until October 2015.

2. NapTime is a simple product without extremely complex uses: NapTime is a band that is Bluetooth connected, used by parents to monitor their babies.

The wristband functions rather easy: you connect it via Bluetooth to a smartphone device that will further be connected to a Wi-Fi in the babies' room. If there is sound detected in the babies' room, a signal will be sent to the smartphone, that will immediately make one of the wristbands vibrate. You can further choose what parent is on duty that day or night so it won't be necessary for both the parents to wake up. You can do that by setting up the calendar in advance or you can invert it every night.

Another advantage is that you can always use your wristband's vibrations as a smart alarm.

The creators of NapTime say that they would like to improve the band's design and are looking to gather $100,000.

Unfortunately, their plan failed, meaning that they never got the change of gathering so much money. The creators of NapTime said that they rushed in with the collecting campaign and they probably should have waited more but they promise that they will further work harder so that the product will succeed. Also, next time, they promise that they will be looking for investors that will help them with the manufacturing of the product.

3. RestOn Is a sleep monitor that is actually non-wearable. The price of the product is $99 with free shipping to US, Canada and China. If you live anywhere else you will have to pay an extra $20.

But if it's not a wearable device, how will it work? RestOn is not one of the regular wristbands that is monitoring you, but it is actually a band that you place on the bed, underneath the part where you sleep on, and it will measure the time you spent sleeping, your heart and respiratory rate, and of course your sleep cycles. You will further have to download the Sleepace app that consequently analyse the data provided by the sleeping band.

The non-wearable RestOn device has already achieved it's initial $50,000 goal and they should start the deliveries from February 2015.

4. AmpStrip is the perfect heart rate tracker that you will never have to take off. If you look for it on Indiegogo you will find it for $99. The device will be attached to your chest, just like a plaster would, and it will start to monitor your health, activities, sleep and so on.

You will also have to install the AmpInsights app that will be very useful for a better understanding of the data provided by the device.

The device was considered to be a success considered that they fulfilled the $50,000 achievement.