Best games for a smartwach - Gamer's wrist

You can have almost anything on your wrist by having a smartwatch, from walking directions to heart monitoring. Nowadays, all the phones and tablets are getting bigger and bigger and some people want a small device where they can play those addictive one tap/one swipe games.

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The Samsung Gear 2 can be filled with any Android games, even some PlayStation ones.

We made a list of few smartwatch games, mostly clones of familiar titles for the Android Wear and Pebble smartwatches. Check them out, they're all free.

Remember that by playing, your smartwatch battery will go down fast.

The 2048 game

This simple puzzler came is a clone made for the Android Wear by copying the popular 2048 game. If you don't know it already, the game is simple. Just swipe the tiles in the grid to move the same numbers next to each other in order to double their value. Be careful and don't press long on the screen as it will exit the game. You can see your current score by just double tapping the screen.

Available free on Google Play.

Wear Orbits

Tensy Studios made another great game for Android Wear. In Orbits you need to stop Earth from crashing by tapping inside your orbit in order to move to an inner ring or outside to jump to an outer one.

Available free on Google Play.

Birdie Wear

This game is basically like the well-known Flappy Bird. Just keep tapping to stay in the air and keep yourself from dying. It is not that easy when you are covering the whole screen with your finger. Also check the Flopsy Droid game.

Available free on Google Play.


TetroCrate is a 3D Tetris where you have to place the bricks that pop up on the screen by swiping and tapping them. The rules are same, fill a horizontal line with bricks and it will disappear and give you points.

Free on Google Play.

Reversi game on Wear

This game is a clone version of the board game Reversi/Othello. Zoom into the board by double tapping on screen and choose which space to place your black or white disc on to swap any enclosed rival discs to your colour. The winner is the person who has the most discs on the board at the end of the game.

Free on Google Play.

Castle Stormer

This is a simple game where you need to tap to leap from wall to wall to avoid obstacles and enemies. You can also try to bump them off instead avoiding. It is a vertical scroller game with nice graphics and simple controls.

62p, Google Play.

Asteroids and Pebloid

The Pebloid game is a clone of the Arkanoid game. On the other hand, Asteroids is a clone of the well-known Asteroids game. Pebloid and Asteroids look simple and retro and they use physical buttons.

Free on Pebble app store

Letterpad word game

This game is not available now and it will be released soon with the Apple Watch in April. This is just a tease so move on.

TBC, Apple Watch


If you know Drop7 game, for sure you will know this clone. This game represents a combination between falling blocks game and Sudoku. For example, an orbs drop down and if the number of orbs in that row or column matches the number inside, the whole row or column will be cleared.

Available free on Pebble app store.