Best devices to get this year

If you are looking to buy the best smartwatch for him or if you want to buy an action cam for her, or maybe a fitness tracker for your family pet, everyone can benefit from the wearables this Christmas.

The highest profile gadgets on the market this year are the smartwatches, fitness trackers, wearable cameras and VR headsets. Find the perfect gift for your family of friends, in the next list.


This is the best gift that a dog can get and everyone must have a wearable, even a dog. It was designed by same company that made Fitbit for humans and it is a great activity tracker.

Sells for 99 at

Misfit Bloom

This is the best gift for your special lady, Bloom version being the stylish disguise for women. A sleek activity tracker is hidden inside the metal pendent which blends with any outfit.

Sells for 80$ at

Zepp Golf

If your dad plays golf, this is what you must buy for him. This device has a 6 gram sensor that you clip onto the glove and after, sync with a smartphone app. It will show you details about your swing and it will offer you tips on how to improve it. It also offers video analysis of the swing and makes a comparison between the user's shot and tour pros.

130£ at

The Jawbone UP Move

A good gift for your mother is this great fitness tracker. This is the cheapest Jawbone tracker and it sells like warm bread. It is the cheapest on the market, yet has a lot of features.

Sells for 40£ at

Jabra Sport Pulse

This is a pair of headphones that is the best for a runner. It is a lot more than a set of buds. It keeps tabs on your heart rate and it can sync up with almost any running apps.

Sells for 199£ at

GoPro Hero 4

A great gift for your adventurer nephew is the updated GoPrO 4 featuring the new 4k video. If he spends more time catching waves or jumping out of planes instead of walking through parks, this is what you must buy for him.

99£ at

LG G Watch R

If you got a friend or someone from the family that has almost everything, the best TV, console or car, this is the smartwatch that you should offer. He doesn't settle with the second best and this top smartwatch will do. The OLED display and the refined case will make it the best Christmas present.

Sells for 225£ at

Carl Zeiss VR

This is the best gift for a mobile gaming addicted teen, the latest VR headsets. This package from Cark Zeiss accepts any smartphone and the quality of the lenses is amazing.

99$ at

The Polar M400

Best gift for the sister who wants to get in shape, a device that has everything, a fitness tracker and a running watch. It has a GPS tracking systems for serious runners beating the rest of the running devices.

Sells for 130£ at

Timex Ironman One GPS+

This is the best gift for the person who is sports-mad. It will spread its pain across a number of events and the GPS enabled device will be perfect for cycling or swimming.

Sells for 400$ at