Best device to be crowdfunded - part 4

1. Pavlok – Is the perfect companion that will make sure you reduce your bad habits such as not being active enough, wasting time surfing online, not getting out of bed. And it will do so by sending an electric impulse.

If you don't find it comfortable enough, you don't have to wear the device attached to your wristband, but you can simply attach it to your skin with a special adhesive and it will last there for at least one week.

Obviously, the project was a success and it achieve its target before the due date.

2. Totem VR headset it promises to be a very spectacular device that will make a lot of people wanting to buy it. It contains a 1080p OLED display and a highly functional 360 degree movement tracking. It has two cameras on the front so you will have a close-to-reality image into the goggles.

The project did fail after all because it could only raise $181,000 out of their $350,000 target but this is probably not the end for this totem.

3. Lineable – Even if you might think that is has a dreadful name, Lineable seems a helpful wearable wristband for children and it costs only $5.

The creators of the band said that more than 2,000 children get lost daily in the US so parents should have a backup plan in cases like this. It is true that the band functions via Bluetooth so you will be able to track your kid down if he is in 100 feet range, but if he goes further, another Lineable users will be informed about the position of your child and wiill be able to help you.

Lineable was a great success and it managed to rapidly reach its $30,000 target.

4. Jolt Sensor is a safety device if you are practicing sports. This is actually a sensor that you constantly wear that will alert your coach or depending from case to case your parents, to any head trauma that could endanger your life.

The sensor has the shape of a clip that you can easily attach to your helmet, goggles or any other headgear. You will charge the sensor through a Micro USB and connect it to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The device also contains a test to see your general health stats.

The device based its function on the premise that the majority of head injuries happen without consciousness loss and therefore you might not be able to detect if there is a problem.

The project has a lot of fans considering that it rapidly overachieved its target.

5. RunScribe is one of the devices that help athletes (in this particular case, runners) to achieve more out of their training. The people involved in such projects are big fans of the watches that monitor your running, activity and health.

The device has the possibility of tracking 13 of the most wanted information you need to know when running: pace, speed, stride lengths, contact time and many others. The device will help you improve the things that could be a potential harmful act such as the overpronation.

The project was a real success, it managed to gather $257,294, considering that its original target was $50,000.

6. Elemoon is the best fashion device, shaped as a bracelet it will accurately deliver the information you need to know.

The band has the advantage of letting you change its depending on the outfit you are wearing. And moreover, you can wirelessly charge it, and therefore you will be able to wear it for more time at your wrist without having to take it off and forget to put it back on.

The bracelet is not only good looking, but it also has the functions of a normal activity tracker and the possibility of sending notification alerts.

The project was a success and overachieved the original $100,000 target.