Be a superhero with wearables

We got to the point where most wearables and apps have been designed to make our life better like counting calories, ensure we don't miss out flight or just to tell us who's calling or texting.

So far so good, but it will be even more awesome if we can turn into superheroes.

Be Superman and see through walls

Not all of us can be super aliens with amazing powers.

Like most of the people we might need help when we want to see through walls and Camero's Xaver it's the most efficient help we can get. The last model, the Xaver 100 looks like a big phone, but it blasts an ultra-large band radiation through walls and you can see who and what it is on the other side. It has been used in military, anti-terrorism missions and law enforcement.

Be strong like The Thing

Raytheon's XOS 2 exoskeleton it's a hydraulic-powered suit that allows soldiers to punch through solid blocks and to lift very heavy objects without injury. It was first shown off in 2010, but it's still mind-blowing.

Be Iron Man

The XOS 2 isn't the only awesome suit. There is a project in progress by US army named TALOS (Tactical Assault Operator Suit)where they are trying to build exoskeletons for military use.

Be like Daredevil

Matt Murdock can't see due to a radioactive accident, but this accident made him a human radar.The OrCam glasses can analyse the wearer's environment and tell him what they are “seeing”. The glasses are pretty awesome: they can read for you or tell you when the traffic light it's green.

Climb so good that you'd make Spider-man envy you

The US defense agency DARPA's Z-Man Project developed a set of climbing paddles that can sustain a 220-pound man to climb a 25-foot glass wall. The set of paddles it's made from an impregnated fabric with reversible adhesive elastomer. Works good for a window cleaner costume, but the real goal it's to incorporate the fabric into military suits.

Be the Invisible Woman

There is a system designed at the University of Rochester in New York, named the Rochester Cloak, uses lenses to bend light and make objects disappear. Pretty cool, hah? Having that in your wardrobe could be awesome, but unfortunately the material used is pretty small – 4 square centimeters.

Tough as Batman

Batman has no super powers on his side, but he has the technology. Like Batman's body armor, the Unified Weapons Master suit was made for martial arts combat. It does exist in real life but it makes you look like an angry motorcycle courier.

Be fancy like Wonder Woman with the new tech bracelets's Puls it's a new wearable designed to be worn as bracelets. The “smart cuffs” are smart enough to do music. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular smartphone with a pedometer. It has GPS and a rival to Siri/Google named Aneeda.

Be Hulk and keep your pants on

Shape-memory polymers or SMP's are smart materials that can return to their original form after deformed. Since Hulk didn't had problems with his purple pants all this time, we are sure that they are SMPs. Be careful because some SMPs change their shape if they are exposed to electric or magnetic fields, light or temperature.