Are smartwatches the next smartphones?

It is obvious that the tendency of the market nowadays is to find new interesting and appealing devices for people to use and to take advantage of their functions. The quick rising of the smartwatches made mobile phone manufacturers of the world have an outbreak because mobile phones can actually be replaced.

You probably can't see the way your life would be without you having your mobile phone in your pocket, but what if you would know that devices such as the ones from Intel of Samsung Gear S can work independently from your phone and took over some of your phone's most used function?

The question is if these devices are just here to do their jobs, but remain at a lower level than a smartphone, or are they taking over their place?

The man that is responsible with the ZenWatch project at Asus, CY made some statements that will be further presented:

CY – ZenWatch Project Leader, Asus made some disclosure on this subject.

The main idea of its statement was the fact that smartwatches won't take over the world of smartphones, mostly because smartwatches are nothing more than accessories or companions for your smartphone. Also, he mentions that he doesn't see any tendency for the market to go on that direction, on replacing smartphones, also because for some functions and apps you need high resolution screen and higher performance.

It is true that smartwatches are currently improving and developing, and it is possible that in the future it will support more and more apps, users will be able to choose from a variety of options, and this is due to the fact that Android Wear will give access to the apps through the Google Play Store.

Because of the rising of smartwatches, manufacturers will probably designed them to be more independent, to be better with better functions and utilities, to be a standalone device that will have more functions if paired to a mobile device.

As smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, people won't get used to a tiny screen to do all their work. Also, phone calls, games, internet surfing, they are all related to the functions of the smartphones and they will never be adapted to smartwatches use.

Nicolas Olivier – CEO of Connected Devices – on the other hand, a great supporter of wearable tech, say that smartwatches are much better in many other cases. For example, most of all, they are more secure and convenient when you have to carry them around.

For the people that want a smartwatch that completely replaces the smartphone, they should know this is not quite possible because a smartwatch is supposed to complement the smartphone, not duplicate it.

A smartwatch, is only a tiny device on your wrist, that should be there for you to get closer to your lifestyle and reflect your choices and priorities.

A smartwatch is good when it only has to deliver short messages, notifications, and apps and features that can be accessed with simple gestures.

The verdict of the initial question is that smartwatches will never be able to kill the smartphones, at least not in the predictable future.