Apple's wearable sizes

Apple's latest decisions were supporting the idea of two sexes and the big differences between them.

This is why important watch manufacturers thought about having different types of watches for the two sexes. And this is an obvious decision: men and women have different wrists sizes, have different styles and tastes, reading different things, watching different sports and the list can go on to the infinity.

The conclusion is easy: unisex is not working, and Apple is a great supporter of the idea.

But this only apply to the areas related to the personal style of each one, and it applies less when it comes to technology. This is because our clothes say more about us and our personality than our phone.

The changes were made starting with the wearable tech devices. And it is good to see that most companies would endorse this.

Companies that had a rough start in this field were Samsung and Sony, that till the last moment they though that women as well would like a gigantic screen on their wrists.

On the other hand, there are companies such as Withings that reduced the size of their watches to find a halfway path, and it had as a result for example, the reduction from 22mm strap to a 18mm one.

The point in which companies simply waited for the smartwatches to go viral without them having to make different patterns and devices for women and men, was changed by Apple.

This is why, the Apple smartwatch comes in no less than 34 different models. There are different sizes for men and women, and moreover, you can choose from a variety of s and straps.

But Apple didn't just wait for the watch to get successful by its own, assuming that people will simply like for no particular reason. The company is acting like it's a high class watch designers and producers and this is why their chances are to sell them like they would be.

There are still things to be discussed, like what makes the Apple smartwatch so good, considering that it is not a replacement for your iPhone but rather a complement, it is a bit expensive and you don't necessarily need it.

However, there are watchmakers gathers, where big companies present their latest products, and their price usually starts at £10,000 and Apple is building its path to success.