Apple Watch will be on sale next year and it will cost 349$

Apple stated that the release of its watch it's gonna happen in April 2015. The wait is finally over.

A range of smartwatces made by Apple have been unveiled, with six different straps and three different editions.

There is one edition that includes a sports version too and a gold trimmed version as well. The watches will come in two different sizes.

Apple Watch was presented by Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, on the Flint Center for the Performing Arts stage. The watch will sell for 349 dollars.

A requirement for the new Apple product, the watch, is to have an iPhone. The following versions will work with the watch : 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus.

A single crystal of sapphire, that is the material from which Apple made the flexible Retina display. The watch has 2 physical buttons and the most important, Digital Crown. This feature looks like a traditional watch dial but despite this, it acts as a zoomer, navigator and home button.

Pressure sensors are incorporated into the display so it will know when you will tap and when you will press. The two touch methods will result in different actions. Digital Touch feature is initiated by pressing the secondary physical button. This allows you too get to your contacts faster.

The Apple Watch runs on the new Apple S1 CPU. Siri is on duty here as well ready to tell you where to go witht he built-in Apple maps. LED sensors are placed on the back and they show heart rate. The Taptic Engine will give you haptic and audio feedback on the waterproof speakers.

WatchKit is a feature that allows developers to design specific apps for the watch.

The Apple Watch has a health and fitness aspect, like most of the nowadays smartwatches.

A new feature was implemented on the watch. The Apple Pay system that allows you to add your cards in virtual format to your watch and pay for whatever you need. This feature is available only in U.S. at the moment.

This was a short brief on the Apple new product and for a more in-depth look, check the Wearable section later and learn more about this watch.

The Apple Watch was waited so long and because the company debuted with this new type of device. It will be greeted with wonder and scorn.

The excitement in the Apple fans grows everyday and huge queues will exist when it will be released. On the other hand, the device will be criticized and compared by the cynics.

A new product is announced by Apple and the tech world will sit up and take notice. In the early stages, the Android Wear seemed nice and all the other companies tried to show themselves on the wearable tech market. The Apple's Watch will hopefully raise the bar for both manufacturer's desires, Apple and Google. Consumer's expectations will be also risen by this new device.

Even if Apple is a great company that made extraordinary devices, the watch announced by them is unproven at this point.
It has no claims on the best smartwatch title but it might have.