Apple Watch - first review

The smartwatches haven't been around for that long and the Samsung Gear watch has almost 1 year old. Samsung got overtaken by Apple who released nowadays the next generation Watch which places Samsung way behind.

The Retina Display is what makes the Apple Watch look great.

It is available in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm and is super-bright. It is very nice for a watch but the photos won't look that great on it, cause, its a watch though. Another qualities are the lightweight and it's classy look.

The Digital Crown of Apple Watch

The usual crown represents that little metal that you would use to wind the normal old-fashioned watch but in this case you won't need it. In this case, it is called a digital crown and you can use it to navigate the watch. Pinching won't work on this device cause the screen is too small so the crown will just zoom in and out for you.

The scroll down is another available feature due to this digital crown. Remember that even this device it is a watch and not a phone or tablet, it still has a sophisticated touchscreen that works like all the others. Press gentle and firmer and you'll see different reactions.

Watch needs the iPhone

All the watches are just companion devices no matter if it's an Apple, Samsung or other device. For this Apple Watch, an iPhone will be needed for it to work properly. By connecting the phone to the watch, you can make and receive calls and also see notifications. Communicating with other Apple Watch wearers is also a feature.

If you don't want or to connect the phone you if you are not able to, the watch will still work as a watch. It will do the basics, show the time and change some graphic displays.

Apple's Siri

Siri will be present on this device as well by streaming from the iPhone. In this way you can dictate a text or ask questions. This can be done by the android users too, on their Android Wear. Siri can also give you walking directions directly on the screen of the watch.

While Siri uses the iPhone's GPS to give directions, Samsung's Gear S has its own GPS, built in. At this thing, Apple loses versus the Samsung.

The direction giving is more advanced than you might think. By using vibrations, the watch vibrates when you get to a place where you need to turn. When you will need to turn left or right, a specific buzz will be done. So, basically, you don't even need to look at your watch, just pay attention to the buzzes.

Fitness with Apple's Watch

In the matter of fitness, the Apple Watch works like other smartbands and gets you fit. A heart rate sensor is placed on the back of the watch and you even have the possibility to send your heart rate to another Watch user.

Pay for stuff with the Apple Watch

This new feature is available only on this watch and on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus so far. This feature is a powered digital wallet that will pay for your stuff by tapping the watch on a chip and pin reader.

When you raise your wrist, the display will turn on. Samsung has this feature too, but unlike Apple, the execution is smoother and also more reliable.

An early opinion on the new Apple Watch device

Battery life will be the most important criteria in the success of the watch. Apple stated that the battery will last a day but a test will be needed to confirm that.

The Apple Watch is different from the other Apple devices and, on first sight, you might not now for what are you going to use it for. Most of the people will just want to buy them even if they don't know what's their purpose.

This new Apple device will be on the market next year for 345$. This pricing is for the U.S and the U.K one will be announced soon.