Apple Watch - big release and more to be seen

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Apple is stocking up

This week, a rumour appeared on the site of DigiTimes, an asian newspaper, that the Apple company was stocking up for the Apple Watch launch. This newspaper always brings gossips on the asian tech supply chains but now it went further to the Apple company and its new product, the iWatch. Most of the times it was true what this site reported so it just might be Apple which is going to finally release it. Some pretty huge numbers were announced for the initial production. The asians estimated a number between 30 and 40 million units.

Material world

Android moved fast and updated their latest version of OS for their wearables. They updated more than few functions on the Moto 360 or the LG G Watch R, they basically refreshed the Android Wear smartphone app. It is already in the store, ready to be downloaded and installed. It has been brought in line with the search giant's new Material Design guidelines. Check it out.

LifeBeam tracker

LifeBeam is an Israeli company with a solid background in aerospace wearables. Another fitness tracker was unveiled this week, by this company. The device is basically a smart hat with sensors that track your heart rate, cadence, gait, steps and calorie consumption. It is a bit different from the Jawbone UP3, Fitbit Charge and the Microsoft Band but you can see all the details on Cnet.

Have a PlayStation on your wrist

A modder made, few time ago, Windows 95 and Minecraft to work on the Android Wear by hacking. Now, he wants to go further by hacking into the Google's Smartwatch operating system. This time he wants to enable PlayStation One games to work on an LG G Watch. So, he basically plans to minimize the PlayStation itself and the TV screen which most of the times is big, into a simple watch. Feel the retro-gaming action into your personal watch.