Android Wear: What will Google bring out next?

Android Wear is finally out and ready to use. The platform which Google created seems to be much more than a simple smartwatch OS.

How does the crest of wearable wave look like?

The wearable technology represents a new foundation toward a technological revolution.

Wearables will be devices which are bound to change the way people live their lives.

Given that Google already knows about our outside life, what we like or dislike and even the way we interact with people and the places we go to, its desire to improve itself may seem a tad scary. In the near future, Google will use voice and visual recognition technology in their watches and glasses, making them able to quantify and capture the real world.

At the moment, Google wants to literally know you inside out. For this, all it will have to do is tap into the data received from your body. This will allow Google to create a new database index.

Google wants only the best for you

If you actually start to think about it, it is not that hard to imagine a lifestyle with Google in it every step of the way. Imagine a morning where you wake up at the perfect time without feeling tired thank to the combined algorithms between different factors starting from the weather to the hormone levels, and with, you are stepping in the shower where the water temperature is just right.

After you have finished your bathroom routine, it is time for breakfast which was already pre-prepared by your very own live-in Android-droid. Google not only has eight companies which specializes in robotics but also spent approximately $500 million to acquire the British company specialized in artificial intelligence, DeepMind. You can already see how the droid will calculate your biometrical data and give you just the right vitamins you need.

Next thing will be to get in your self-driving vehicle and start reading the headlines of the day. Google’s high-resolution satellite or better say, its eyes, will make sure that there will no longer be any more traffic jams, and they already mapped the fastest route to your work place.

Since your smartglasses caught everything discussed in the office meetings, your Chrome PC starts prepping the programs for to use when you arrive at home. Don’t think that Google only made a droid that knows how to cook. With the work-buddy droid working from home has never been easier as it will bulk up the materials you need.

With the half done, you now have more time to spend on getting ready for that you have planned. Even this aspect of your life has been made easier. Even you are the shyest person around, with the right algorithms and the voice-assistant whispering the right words in your ear, you are bound to make a very good impression.

When you have returned home, the right snack or drink will be waiting for you right next to the TV ready with your favorite show. You do not have to look for other choices due to the fact that, based on the algorithms, you will not want anything else than what is already offered to you.

Do not start to hide away just yet

You have absolutely no reason to be afraid as you are going to place your life in the ‘¬úrobotic’¬Ě hands of an ecosystem which probably will know more about you than yourself does. No more worrying about sadness and illness.