Android Wear watch faces - best choices

If you download the latest Android Wear update, you will be able to customize your watch's face.

No matter what Android Wear device are you using, the Moto 360, the LG G Watch R or any other model, this feature will work on any of them, bringing your device's face back to life.

Here are the best 10 choices for customizing your Android Wear.

Unnofficial watch faces

Matrix face

Once you download this app, you will be able to slow down time and space. Ninja-style fights with evil agents will come also with this app, if you can hack it. It will still look brilliant even if you won't be able to hack it.

Free, Dheera Venkatraman


This application turns your normal watch face into a wealth of real-time weather information. Satellite images will be shown and some forecast home screens will be available.

Free, InstaWeather


This watch looks gorgeous and includes a dim screen mode. This makes it a bit more friendly with the battery life.

Free, FlyingRhinoCMG

Wear LCD Watchface BETA

Casio classics inspired this retro watch face which tells you the time and keeps you updated with the battery status.

Free, Raimund Z

Android Wear Faces Creator

As you probably figured it out from its name, this app is not a specific watch face, it is an application that allows you to create a watch face by yourself. It also comes with a number of designs already made for your Android Wear device.

Free, UhrArt

Official Android Wear watch faces


No, it is not a game. It is an animation that will make your screen alive. It works on both round and rectangular smartwatches.

63p / 99c, Google Play


This beauty is one of the most liked, one of the favourite Android Wear watch faces. Having it, feels like owning four different apps in one due to its different modes. They are Albumen, Episode, Next and Runway. All of them have certain colours and faces. From weather updates to appointment reminders, this app will amaze you.

Free, Google Play

Un Petit Monde

This app offers fantastic animations and time-lapse videos right on your watch face. It uses the brilliant miniature toy figures in real world settings setup. It is too bad that this app works only on the rectangular devices and not on the round ones.

Free, Google Play

Plants vs. Zombies

No, it is not a game. Not this and not the Pac-man. This is a watch face, made by EA which keeps you updated with the time by displaying a zombie that pops his arms out of his sockets. It is recommended to be used on a square face device.

Free, Google Play

Specialized Bikes

This app offers real-time weather information and details on sunrise and sunset times. This is specially designed for the bikers who need to keep up with the riding conditions. It also has an ever-changing precipitation graphic and it works on both Android Wear face shapes. It looks better on the round models, instead of rectangular ones. Try it on the LG G Watch R because it seems to fit it perfectly.