Amazing smartwatch apps

Among the most amazing gadgets presented at CES 2015 early in January was the device presented by BMW. BMW offered to the public an innovative device that offers assistance through a smartwatch when it comes to parking a car. It is about an independent parking car restrained by a smartwatch.

This characteristic will be tested on a BMW i3 at the tech expo from Las Vegas. By using the Remote Valet Parking Assistant we will be able to see in the near future empty cars looking on its own for a parking spot.

If this is not amazing enough, the gadget has other innovative features too. One of them is the fact that you will be allowed to call your car y using the smartwatch and instruct it to come to the exact spot you happen to be. The concept used is that the car will be able to acknowledge the GPS maps of its surroundings, so it will function for any building.

Those are some amazing things to do with your smartwatch and it will be of big help in the future. But one will start wonder what other super things we will be able to do by using a smartwatch. Here are a few concepts.

The Tesla Command is an app designed for Android Wear smartwatch. It helps you lock and unlock the car by simply using the watch. Anyway, there are some wearables, not so many anyway, that allow you to answer your calls from your wrist. This leads our minds towards Dick Tracy know-how. We have the Samsung Gear S and Sony SmartBand Talk that have this option incorporated, so we are a step closer to the tech future. The Android Wear Eat24 app presented a pizza command app for Pebble. Anyway, we have the PayPal apps that work on smartwatches too, so we can basically pay for anything from our wrist. The last, but not the worse, is the USP of the LaserWatch. It looks like it was extracted from a movie with James Bond. This device diffuses a laser that can pop up balloons. The tricky thing about it is the fact that the battery will last only five minutes. So, with great technology come some great impediments or limitations.

Bottom line, we expect in the near future to use the smartwatch for a great amount of basic activities like parking the car or locking the doors. It seems the future will bring tech even in the basic activities.