All about golf wearables

Everyone talks about wearables that help you with your fitness activities, with your jogging, with monitoring your health, but no one takes into account that wearables can be used in various sports. Golf, for example, is an amazing activity that can benefit from what a wearable can offer. So, by using GPS trackers and rhythm analyzers, you are able to skip golf lessons and improve your playing technique.

It is a habit to talk about wearables from the perspective of runners and athletes. It is time to consider the advantages a golfer can have from the newest bands that have innovative sensors. Here are the best wearables that aim to help golfers improve their game by offering info about their game stats and even the proper weather for playing.

The Garmin Approach S6

Garmin is known for the fact that it managed to build up watches for every type of sport that exists. The watch designed especially for golf it is at its sixth edition. The Garmin Approach S6 has an integrated map that can manage around 30,000 world-wide courses. Also, it shows the distance until the pin and offers live feed of the hole. The S6 is designed to inform you about your balance in order to determine you to get the best performance ever. It uses the Garmin Connect app which is able to analyze through its Golf version all your game.

The TomTom Golfer

The newest wearable provided by TomTom has the capacity to offer you info about 34,000 courses that contain distance until the pin or the layouts of the gaming course. All is offered as a real-time feed so it is very handy for avid golfers. It has a display of 168×144 and it is monochrome. Also, it can offer details of the course and about the whereabouts of the flag. Like any wearable, it can provide you hints about how many calories you have burnt while playing and about how long was the distance of your game. The battery will last about 10 hours and it resists up to 5ATM in water.

The Zepp Golf Sensor

If you are looking for something stylish to use while playing golf, the Zepp Golf Sensor is the perfect option for you. It can bet set up on your glove, which offers the gadget the opportunity to offer you improved data when compared to other devices. You will be informed about the speed of your hands or the way you swing back and forth. The data can be reread by using the app.

The Game Golf

This is device that consists of two parts. It has a wearable sensor that it is recommended to be placed on your belt. The second thing in its ensemble is the bunch of sensors that are set up on your club. Of course, everything is registered by using those sensors that are meant to help you boost your game. Also, you have the opportunity to check up the data after you finish your game.