A review for Sony's SmartWatch 2

Sony`s simple Android watch is simple, but some say it is already out of the times. Wearables have exploded and Sony offered his own version, Smartwatch 2. This runs on Android and focuses on the basics.

So, you cannot monitor your heart rate or talk your phone conversations , but it has many functions.

The features and the design of Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony`s SmartWatch 2 is square designed, shorter and wider than the Pebble Steel, so it can be put among the Xperia family of smartphones and tablets. It is not so heavy, it has only 122.5g. Also, it has only one button, which is the power button, and it is placed on the right hand side. There are three soft buttons along the bottom for home, back and menu functions.

The smartwatch has a 1.6 inch LCD screen that is always on, but depending on the lighting around you, it may require some brightness adjustments. When connected with a phone that has the right apps installed, the SmartWatch 2 transforms into a useful notification device that has the ability to send texts, emails, WhatsApp messages and more. So, if you disconnect the phone, you will only have a very regular watch that will offer you information about the already syncronized notifications and about the time.

For this watch you can choose between a rubber wristband and a stainless steel strap for those that enjoy wearing premium wearables. SmartWatch 2 has an IP57 certificate, but you will need to be careful about the amount of water you allow on your device. Keep in mind that before splashing water on it it is better to cover the Micro USB flap.

The activity tracking of Sony SmartWatch 2

This smartwatch is not meant to be a full-blown fitness device like TomTom Cardio Runner or the Jawbone UP24. Anyway, Sony`s watch has incorporated an accelerometer and it can connect its pedometer with GPS. It is compatible with the Runtastic app, which will provide you information about distance, calories, average speed when you are jogging. This info will be synced with your phone when you connect it.

The apps that work on Sony SmartWatch 2

The real brain of this watch is Sony SmartWatch 2 ( SW2) app which is compatible with any phone that has Android 4.0 or later with the possibility to pair via NFC. The annoying thing is the fact that you have to download the Smart Connect app in order to make everything work. After this, you can add or remove any SmartWatch 2 apps. The inconvinient thing is the fact that each time you want to install an app you will be redirected to Google Play in order to download it. It is not much, but it may seem useless. However, the most amazing app is the Watchface Editor that offers you the possibility to customize the design of the clock face and add any extra widgets you desire.

The battery life of Sony Smartwatch 2

As Sony stated, the battery life of this smartwatch will go around three to four days. This is ok if we take into account the fact that the display is never fully off. Anyway, as it happens with any gaget, battery life is strictly linked with how you are using it.