A review for Cogito Pop

We should acknowledge the fact that smart watches do not require the latest OLED displays, amazing processors or an operating system. The Cogito Pop and the Cogito classic represent a range of simple smart watches. This Cogito duo offers smartphone syncing and wrist based notifications with no firmware updates in sight.

The design of Cogito Pop

The Cogito Pop resembles a regular, teen-focused and ful fashionable watch. It is fashioned of plastic and it has a basic rubber strap that comes in various s. Anyway, Bluetooth connectivity and smart features on basic watches has been used before like in the case of Casio and Citizen, but Cogito Pop is intended for the Bieber generation. It is a solid device and the interchangeable rubber strap is more than adequate. The face has no numbers and offers larger five-minute interval markers. Also, it can provide the three-hand analogue movement.

The smart functions of Cogito Pop

The smart functionality incorporates the four LED icons that can be found between the 10 and 2 markers at the top. It has a speech-bubble, an envelope, a pair of people and an info sign that light up when you have specific notifications. This is the main characteristic that makes Cogito Pop different from its rivals. It represents a quiet alternative to the noisy Gear Live and the Android Wear. So, when you get a text, Facebook notification, incoming call or a calendar update the right icon will light up and the watch will smoothly vibrate and beep. The icons will remain like this until you push one of the watch`s buttons or read the actual notification on your phone. It is useful but it can get a little bit tricky because of the fact that it has only four icons for the various messaging platforms. So, it will get a little bit harder to discover what the Pop is talking about.

Pairing and partner app for Cogito Pop

The notifications you get are powered by the accompanying Connected Watch app for iOS and Android. By using the app, you can establish what kind of alerts will be displayed on your watch. Also, by using this app you will establish the initial Bluetooth pairing. Anyway, you will observe the fact that the Pop will lose the connection with the Android smartphones even though it is always close to it.

The app represents a basic system that does not make it clear when it comes to turning on and off alerts. Third party support is pretty basic as well. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram are present but it can get tricky when it comes to separating their notifications on your watch display.

Battery and waterproof properties of Cogito Pop

With Cogito Pop you will not experience the battery worries like you will do with its smarter adversaries. It works with a couple of button cell batteries in order to provide you months of life before requiring a replacement. Also, it has a 10ATM waterproof rating that means you can take it in the shower, the bath, the pool or even for a bit in the sea.