A review for Asus Zen Watch

The first effort of Asus for obtaining a smartwatch is represented by ZenWatch. The thing that makes this watch special is the fact that it has a leather strap that appeals to images of classic car interiors and Italian design. It is said to be the best looking watch ever.

It is not too expensive, 200 dollars, and its stylish look does not resemble too much a premium watch like its rivals Moto 360 and LG G Watch R.

The design of Asus ZenWatch.

It is a unisex watch and it is catalogued as the most elegantly designed Android Wear watch. Its slim build and curved edges are perfect for matching an offset suit and feminine enough to go along with different jewelry. This gadget comes to cut off the established theory that the smartwatch is only for male. The back is made out of stainless steel and is smooth to the touch. The Zen watch is slim and light which is pretty impressive. It weights around 75g and it is 9.5 mm thick.

The compact leather strap offers an Italian flair because of the nice details that are carved on both sides. You can choose between three s, the tan is perfect when it comes to completing the design of the ZenWatch`s silver case. Also, you can opt for dark brown or burnt orange, it is up to you how you want to wear it.

There are many questions raised by the slim stainless steel. Some argue that it won`t last for long. An example is the fact that when using a laptop it clings to it, so it can damage your laptop. Anyway, Zen has regular sized strap and characteristics like an easy change system. This can underline the fact that ZenWatch is like a baby smartwatch. But this is completely false.

The screen of Asus ZenWatch

Zen is a regular rectangle watch that has 1.63 inch and 320×320 screen. Asus tries to say the fact that a watch does not have to be a circle in order to look nice. It has an analogue-style watch face and notifications may seem a bit pixelated if you get too close to the glass. The screen quality is pretty good too. It is sufficiently bright to be used outdoors and you can see everything from the face to wrist angle.

The Android Wear of Asus ZenWatch

The ZenWatch has simple music controls, precise Google Voice and a variety of awesome, preset watch faces. It can be used a s trusted device in order to keep your smartphone unlocked when it is in proximity. Anyway, it offers the same Android experience as other watches do.

Fitness options and characteristics

There are some disadvantages that cannot transform ZenWatch into a sports watch. It does not have GPS for run tracking like in the case of Sony`s watch. It is made from steel and leather, which we will tend to let it home when going to the gym because we won`t ruin it like that.

Overall, Asus states that its smartwatch can boost the health of your body and mind, which is why the Wellness app is meant to achieve. This app will provide you info about heart rate logs, steps, calories and total activity time. It is not so accurate like its rival Jawbone UP Move but it can do the trick.

The Mind section is meant for relaxation because of the fact that Asus follows relaxation and stress levels by using a biosensor. It offers you daily and weekly graphics. So, when it comes to fitness features you will experience a mixed bag. Some say that the Asus smartwatch cannot be used as a fitness wearable.

The battery life

As it happens to the majority of smartwatches, you will have to charge Zen every night. It charges quickly and it pretty handy to take it to work with you. It is water resistant to the IP55 rating which means that it has a bonus even if it is not so reliable as a workout watch.