A patent of the 2.0 version of Google Glass is now online

Few rumours were heard over the last few days because of these patent sketches which got online at the end of the last week. They basically just added more fuel on the fire that was burning.

A CPU made by Texas Instruments is going to be replaced by an Intel one for the 2.

0 version of the glasses. This was included in a report made by the Wall Street Journal.

The new Google Glass models look so futuristic and if the patent is truly real, they are set to switch the action from the right to the left eye.

These glasses are basically a wearable computer that will sit on people's faces. It is not known yet how they will hold in place as a nose clip isn't present on the patent. The power source of the glasses is also a mystery, as a battery source wasn't included on that patent that was posted on internet.

Many patents of Google Glass have been fled by Google over the last year. There was one in August 2013 and also one in November2014. It won't be a big surprise if this patent will be fled as well.

It is known for sure that Google Glass is in dire need of a shake up. The commercial launch is going to be a success but if it will get an injection of excitement.

The entire wearable tech industry was represented by Google's Glass poster-child when the Explorer edition went for the first time on sale, in 2013. After 18 months, Google's technology is still an object of fascination. The sad part is that a consumer launch looks further from reality than ever.

Google Glass hasn't awake the consumers interest and the community might abandon it.

Sergey Brin, the man who heads up the company's secret Google X labs was seen last month in Silicon Valley. He was at an event at he didn't had the Google Glass. That was very odd because he developed the first wearable device.

The fancy sunglasses maker, Luxottica is in a partnership with Google and there is some hope that the glasses will appear. We might see some luxury glasses with the refined Google design wore by the normal people of Sillicon Valley in 2015.

Google is still putting his resources on the glasses, a product that could change the world and its point of view about technology.