5 industries that will be influenced by the wearable tech

The wearable tech is something new on the market and the people didn't adopted this industry just yet. But as in any other field, the wearable tech will change something after it is fully accepted and used by all the members of the society.

Therefore, specialists say that if you are a doctor, a teacher or a sinema projectionist you should most definitely start doing some research about the wearables you can use.

Studies show that there will be some placed where the wearable tech will have a serious impact. Below you have some examples:

1. Your workplace

According to some studies, 70% of all workers will be using wearable tech in the near future, and this tendency is already here. Some examples of wearable tech that will make your life easier and will improve the quality of your workplace are: Lenovo's SmartBand that is supposed to let you unlock your PC without you having to type in the password so that you will save some time, or the Citrix who wants to be able to call the Android Wearers, in order for them to take part at a conference without having to interrupt what they are doing.

Another aspect that was introduced by Tesco and Amazon is the fact that they are constantly supervising their workers with the assistance of the devices and moreover, to save time, the workers will receive their tasks directly on their devices.

There are also companies such as BP and Diageo that gave Fitbit devices to their workers because they consider that healthier workers complete their tasks better.

2. Your entertainment

As the Oculus Rift is now helping you escape from the real life into some virtual reality and it really changed the way you watch movies, and also the TotalCinema360 that actually lets you look around 360 degrees while the movie is playing, it is obvious that you are no longer happy with the way things were before. If there are devices that let you have an amazing experience, why just watch a movie from your couch without anything special?

3. Your doctor

This had the most success in the OR room, where surgeons use the Google Glass while operating for various reasons such as live streaming or hands-free access to information; also, the Oculus Rift is helping students practice their surgery skills on a virtual reality environment.

The devices will also hold all your medical and health information, so if anything happens to you, a doctor will be able to see your entire medical history. Moreover, you can share the information with your doctor directly via e-mail.

Some really sci-fi devices are for example the Google X's newest project that is actually a pill you have to swallow that will detect any signs of early cancer or the Google X's smart contact lens that is actually extremely helpful for diabetics because it is continually monitoring their glucose level.

4. Your holiday

Your holidays have already changed because of the improvements in the technology field and the Google Maps, TripAdvisor, text translation apps are only a few examples. But the things can be pushed even further. For example if you are vising a really hot and sunny country, with the SunFriend band you will be able to monitor the sun exposure and it will let you know what SPF level cream you should be using.

5. Your kid's education

This is not something new under the sun, the fact that in the future the technology will be a major part in education.