2015 - The year of wearable tech

This nascent industry of wearable tech exploded over the last 12 months, making it, the year of wearable tech.

The year is almost over and here it is a summary of what happened in the matter of tech.

Samsung is leading a smartwatch race

Samsung is the leader of 2014 in the nascent space.

Six different smartwatches were announced and the Samsung Gear S was already unveiled.

An Android Wear device was also launched in the Samsung Gear Live. The Samsung Gear S was amazing due to its own SIM card and data plan. In this way, the watch doesn't need a paired smartphone at all.

The device has a huge 2-inch Super AMOLED display which hits 300ppi. On the other hand, it has a requirement for users to take out a second data plan. This thing stunted its appeal.

Dreams and the Apple Watch

The Apple iWatch was announced on 9th of September but it was planned for a long long time. It gained momentum through the year and at its unveiling it was present as “just one more thing”.

There were two opinion on how it will look. One said that it will be classic and round while the other one said that it will be square-screened as it turned out to be. It wasn't predicted to be so full of features such as the fitness features, the Apple Pay and a whole universe of apps.

There weren't many things said about it and Apple didn't set an exact release date. In 2014 there were many problems, shortages and manufacturing issues in the wearable industry and it seems that Apple is well aware of those as the release date was set to “early 2015” and not an exact date.

The Razer Nabu

This device was one of the most ambitious wearables of 2014. It was waited for a long time due to the release date the modified with almost an year.

This band acts more as a smartwatch than a fitness device and this is what makes it unique. It features calls, texts, Google Maps, Facebook and many more.

Even if it took a long time to wait for it, it is still available only in the US. The release date for the rest of the world is unknown.

Android Wear ushers in smarter watches

One of the huge developments of 2014 is the Google's Android Wear platform.

This was announced in March and it progressed fast as the first devices were launched in July.

Google Now is basically its OS. It has flaws but it promises a lot. It was just released and Google already made available two Android Wear updates.

Year's best features

There was a crazy amount of devices that have been released or announced this year but by digging behind this area, many other things are waiting to be known.

There are future wearables that will be able to read our mind and feel our emotions. The wearable tech will also get into our sex lives. With what is not known yet.

One wearable that can turn you in the superhero that you loved in your childhood is the Oculus Rift.