10 women leaders in the wearable tech field

Wearable tech was, at the beginning, more about men and unisex devices, and there weren't so many things that would actually be “wearable” by a women.

Studies shown that there are many women on top positions in this field, also CEOs, designers and other important and influencing points.

This is really important because it means that the women passionate about wearable tech, won't be forced to make do with the unisex devices.

Here is a list with the most influencing women in this field:

1. Isabelle Olsson, the Senior Industrial Designer at Google

It was Isabelle Olsson the one that led the way to the beautiful Google Glass device, one of the most famous project in the wearable tech field. She managed to combine perfectly the functionality with the design.

Isabelle Olsson was born in Sweden, she studies art and before working for Google she also worked for Samsung TVs and Nook Color.

2. Liz Bacelar, the Founder and CEO at Decoded Fashion.

The company was founded in 2011, with its only aim to mix together fashion and technology. She also said that a designer should be aware of the fact that technology is very important nowadays and not only from their point of view, as designers, but also when it comes to commercial or social strategies.

3. Camille Toupet, June's designer

Camille Toupet is an independent jewelry designer, that was the main couturier for June – an amazing bracelet that has gem stones attached, and moreover, it will also monitor the sun exposure. This means that while the bracelet is connected to your iOS smartphone, you will be able to see data such as the amount of sun you are getting, what level of SPF cream you should be using, and many more.

Camille Toupet is not at her first fashion project, she also worked with big names in the fashion industry such as Louis Vuitton and Harry Winston.

4. Christina Mercando, CEO and Co-founder for Ringly

Ringly is not only a pretty ring, but also a device that will inform you about the notifications on your smartphone. Christina Mercando was right with one of her statements, that no matter how good and how many things will a device bring, people won't buy it if it's not “wearable”, or in other words, if it doesn't look good.

5. Monisha Perkash, CEO and Co-founder at Lumo BodyTech

Monisha Perkash worked with Charles Wang and Andrew Chang in order to create the Lumo BodyTech, a device that tracks the user's posture.

The device is meant for the ones that suffer for example from back pain because of their bad posture.

6. Mari Kussman, Co-founder of Crated

Crated has a very specific aim: being able to perfectly combine fashion with technology. The company usually based its projects on 3D printing and did a great job with their projects.

This is a perfect example to show that wearable tech is no longer about smartwatches, but also about smartdresses, smartrings and so on.

7. Leslie SImmons Pierso, CEO and Co-founder of MEMI

MEMI was designed as a bracelet because its founder, Leslie Simmons Pierso, one day figured out that she is missing important calls if she doesn't have her iPhone around.

And MEMI is the perfect example of wearable tech that was created more for women than for men because not finding your phone in a too crowded bag is a female situation.

8. Ayse Ildeniz, VP New Devices Group at Intel

Ayse has occupied her position since 1998 and she is one of the militants of in-fashion wearables. Intel is now having a partnership with fashion houses such as the Opening Cereony to launch their products.

9. Deepa Sood, the CEO and Founder of Cuff

Cuff is the perfect fitness tracker, because it is not only a fitness tracker but it can also keep you safe. You can press the alert button from your bracelet to send a message to your emergency contact in case of trouble.

10. Stacey Burr, Vice President Wearable Sports Electronics for Adidas

She was the founder of Textronics, which dedicated its activity to combine wearable sensors in order to monitor your health and fitness. After a flourishing period, she sold the company to Adidas, and now she is one of the most important persons when it comes to wearable tech.