10 things you get to know about the Oculus Rift after you buy it

Oculus Rift is the best virtual reality headset that you can find on the market.

However, reviews describe it as being both unimaginable and fanstactic but also frustrating. There are a lot of things that need improvements, there are a lot of glitches, but on the other hand, is the best thing that has been launched in this domain in the last years.

The device is actually promising and you really need to try out the device. Here, you have a list with things you should know before actually buying it.

1. Price

The price of the Oculus Rift ranges somewhere around $350. And you might think that the device is only a prototype and it might not be worth so much. The device looks a bit cheap. Moreover, if you compare it to you iPad mini for example, you will give it up, especially because the iPad has almost the same price.

2. Problems for the neat-freaks

The Oculus Rift device will connect to your PC via HDMI and USB. You will also need the headphones, a gamepad and this is the perfect recipe to make a really messy look because of the cables. It would be terrific if the manufacturer would do the wireless version of the device.

3. You will have so much trouble making it work

The issue with the Oculus Rift is that there are so many options you can choose from and you might not know what is the correct one: the rift can appear as a second monitor or an independent device. It is frustrating because you don't have any guidance on setting it up.

4. You brain seems unsophisticated compared to the Oculus Rift

The idea is that compared to the real world, it won't be possible for you to touch and grab things. And your brain will do its best to try and cope with the virtual reality.

5. Valve already gets it

The problem with the Oculus Rift's software is that it doesn't support all the games that is has to. Only 50% of the games are working, but some are compatible only with the Development Kit 1, which is not the latest version. Depending on the settings, you will see that some of the games won't work, and more than that, some of the games are not worth it.

And Valve is on top when it comes to setting up games without you having to worry and get frustrated about the options and settings.

6. Most other games are a waste of time

The aim is to play games such as Wolfenstein 3D without any issues connecting the devices. But the actual problem is that to play major games you will have to install some other third party apps and drivers that are almost never functioning.

7. Horrifying atmosphere

One of the reasons why the Oculus Rift is on the top of any horror list is the fact that due to the wide view and 3D you will see every little monster that would normally seem innocent, with a creepy atmosphere around it.

8. The games will have to change

Every time you play a game you will get an anxiety feeling, stomachache, nausea and a headache.

9. It will give you headaches

That will happen the moment you are trying to fall asleep after playing for some time, and you will see all the images from the games running around through your head. This is probably because of the resolution of the screen, and it will probably disappear after they upgrade it.

10. You will be amazed

Against all the issues the device has, you will be fascinated about the experience. Not only by the sense of being somewhere else, but also because of the of the way even a simple object looks so real.