Why not windows 9 ? Why is it called 10?

Microsoft is an enormous company and when they announced their new release, the newest operating system, it wasn't a big surprise. The previous windows was called Windows 8 and the surprise was that this one was called Windows 10.


The versions of the Windows operating system weren't always like 1,2,3,4.

At some point, some versions came out with names like 95, 98 , NT, Me, 2000, Vista and others. This name change wasn't seen that good and it had an amount of disbelief.

Also, it should be known that the names of the each version of Windows do not have any connection with the real number of the version. The 8.1 version of the Windows is actually the 6.3 version and this latest Windows 10 matches the 6.4 real version. During the evolution of Windows, some of them didn't matched the real versions but some like the Windows NT or the Windows 2000 which were 4.0 and 5.0.

The old Vista version is basically what powers the modern versions. It's kernel and code base were used in the future versions and also in the latest, the Windows 10.

This situation might be compared with the Apple's one. Apple's operating systems were System 1-7 and then they switched to the MAC OS 8 and 9. In 2001 they stopped at the OS 10. Microsoft announces big changes, a massive weight and importance for this new version of Windows so this might stick around like the Apple's software did. On the other part, Microsoft might be contesting the Apple company by using the same number, 10 but it is not that likely.

Why they skipped 9 ?

A guy called Benny, which is a reader at ExtremeTech, sent an email related to the number fight. In that email, he said that the number 9 is considered unlucky in Japan. Also, In Japan, Windows has a big presence which might have caused problems if the company would have used the 9 in the version name. The email contains few details about a Japanese company, called Trend Micro that skipped the version 9 of its antivirus software.

Some legacy Desktop apps still use this method to check for Windows 95 or 98 but some developers will check for the OS name and others will check for the version number. There are others who could just use some other methods to find out what OS the application is running on.

The name

This name, the Windows 10 is basically, just a name. There isn't a good sustained reason for the skipping of the 9. A lot of users are going to keep their mind busy trying to figure out why they named it like this.

This is a simple question, compared to the next one. Why did Microsoft call it Windows 10 and not something else? When this latest version was released, during the unveil event, Myerson gave some clues about it by saying that if we think at the future and what is going to be next, this name was the right call. He also said that giants made the Windows One and that this Windows 10 name was their only option, an obligation.

It's a fact that 10 represents a strong number and maybe that's why they chosen it. They also wanted to separate this new version from the old one, the Windows 8. It might be the same situation that happened years before with Vista version when after this one, the Windows 7 came.

Basically, the Windows 10 is called like that because the Microsoft company wants to. They haven't given any particular reasons for naming it like this so if you want to see what will be new in it before release, follow this guide and install the technical preview.