The Elon Musk's speed-of-sound Hyperloop

The Hyperloop is one of the newest transportation system from Elon Musk. This is both awesome and extremely functional. The Hyperloop is actually a system that has a vacuum tube above the ground, which would actually provide the people from San Francisco with a high-speed 30 minutes transportation to Los Angeles.
The sad part of the story is that the creator itself, Musk, gave up the plans to construct this transportation system, on a 57 page declaration on white paper, telling and encouraging the world to build the system by their own. The advice was taken into consideration, now that there are 100-odd engineers that grouped together to figure a way to actually construct a Hyperloop and they say that they have been making a tremendous progress.

There was further formed another company under the name of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc that was coming after the release of Musk's Hyperloop white paper. They didn't have what you would regularly call a company. Using the service called JumpStartFund, the company paid its employees only of the company would actually have a profit. And the result of such a measure was that most of the employees were working at other companies such as Boeing, NASA and SpaceX, but they were extremely dedicated to the progress of the Hyperloop project. They were also probably hoping that in some time they would get a massive paycheck for the innovative and revolutionary system.

The project can be sustained by anyone how is interested in this technology. Sources say that there are 100 engineers currently working on the project, and that they are expecting new candidates. However, a leak said that they were also rejecting some of the applicants that don't fit there.

Even if they didn't made much fuss about it in the last year, the project seems to take contour and they are ready to show the project they had been working on.

There are of course many things that need improvements and require further work, considering that by now the project seems to be made by a group of 25 UCLA design and architecture students. The engineers that are making the project actually work say that they are looking for a technical feasibility study which they hope it will be ready by mid-2015.

Besides this, there is also the issue of travelling just under the speed of sound, in a tube that is placed above the ground. There have to be taken into consideration first of all the routes, because even if the initial project was that the tube would be the link between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this might be a bit difficult to achieve, politically and geographically speaking. Another route that they argued was a potential link between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. However, the engineers aren't that concerned about the routes, but by the actual construction of the Hyperloop.

There are currently some prototypes build, and the main issues that they found were the partially evacuated tube and the placing of the tube on pylons.

However, once the technical feasibility report is completed, where should be constructed a short-tube in order to try its functions. And who knows, maybe in a few years this will be the best transportation, cost-effective way of travelling.