Setting up a new Windows Phone - step by step

This article is meant to provide the Windows phone user some guidance regarding the phone settings. It includes various kind information starting with the basic one related to contacts and moving on with complex applications.

The first thing to do with the newly procured device is to charge its battery, either using a charger or an USB cable connected to another device (laptop or PC) that serves as power source.

Another vital step is to insert the SIM card or the micro SIM card in your phone.

Setting up a new Windows Phone – step by step

The very first step to take is to turn on the device, usually by holding down the power button to the moment it vibrates.

The next steps consist in following the instructions displayed on the screen, starting with choosing the language and accepting the Terms. Then, ensure the access to the internet by connecting the device to your wireless network after taping the password. The user has the option to take advantage or not of WiFi Sense that allows him/her to diminish the quantity of mobile data used whenever it connects to Wi-Fi.

The next thing to do is deciding whether taking the recommended phone settings or customizing the phone according to the user's own needs or preferences.

Another basic step is setting the time, region and date, but it is preferred to use the option 'Send my location to Microsoft'.

It is followed by taping the Microsoft ID in order to access the user's account or creating a new one by entering the email address and a password. This account allows the user to store different items such as photos or documents in sync. Thus, they have a backup that helps them to restore these items in unexpected situations.

An automatic upload of videos or photos is the next option to check or uncheck for the Microsoft account possessors. This option is highly recommended and appreciated as it facilitates the user's work by transferring and backing up these items on OneDrive storage.

Once the basic settings are done, the user is able to have a whole overview on the screen. The customization of the 'Start' screen is up to the users preferences, as he/she can rearrange the tiles with a simple tap, dragging and repositioning them wherever they want.

When adding a new email account, it is necessary to tap on Settings and email+accounts and select the wanted option. Then, all to do is taping the email address and password. Also, if the email is not on the provided list, the user has to select 'other account'.

The great majority of email accounts provide a list of contacts. Consequently, Gmail or iCloud accounts are to import contacts.

Another step is to enter a security code when turning on the phone. Furthermore, there is a possibility to opt either for asking the password every time or entering the password only after a certain period of time.

If the user wants to have new applications on the phone, all to do is tapping the Store icon and choose from a great variety of applications, available both for free and paid.