Review Oakley Airwave 1.5

The Oakley Airwave 1.5 are not just a pair of glasses that protect your vision when you are at the montain they also are an interesting gagget that usable.Althogh is a developing project they are promising and their fitures are quite something.

As an example you can use this googles by connecting them to your phone trogh an app and you can listen to music wille you are skying or connect to your facebook account and check your newsfeed.Also it s very good to calculate the speed,latitude and altitude .It`s showing you exactly where you are positionned on the map and monitoring your track.It can be used to track other users of the googles and show their exact position from where you`re standing in that moment.They also have a remote that is putted on your arm so it will be more fiable to use.

The diffrence between this model and other Oakley googles is that they are more heavy making them a bit unconfortable and feelling that is weighting your head.But the quality is nothing less then other products from this brand.

Another inconvenient might be the display that is very close to your eyes.If you have problems with your vision would be hard to use it and even if you don`t it might take some time to get used to it.They actually worked on it for some time now to make it as it is,to be well positioned .After you getting used to it you will find it very informative and fun (like switching tracks from your arm remote or tracking your speed in a competition).

This gagget it can also be used to answer phonecalls.

These googles need to be charged obviously. If you overuse them it might require to be charged every night.

In my opinion this googles can be inproved so it can be used in the future.They can also incorporate a voice navigator and be connected to the satelite in such a way that if you get lossed or something happens they could alert the autorities to go in the exact point where you are.As I said they are very usefull in copetitions cause they can masure how high you jump and how many times and it can also give you an idea of your performance.The fact that you can listen to music it gives you some quality time and you can also focus more on your goals by knowing your potential.

Althogh is still a work in progress this can really be a winter sports accessory.You can try it or wait for the next versions of it to apear with some inprovements.I think it can be said that many lovers of winter and winter sports will enjoy this technology and it will be good if an investment in resources is made.

The googles Oakley Airwave 1.5 even if they are a bit heavy they have a nice design and are not that hard to use so that anyone can learn to use them,even if they are made for winter and tech fans.