Nokia's new 29$ Lumia and the low-cost price

At CES 2015, Nokia presented a brand new inexpensive phone that is meant to boost standard internet and phone options for customers that have low budget in developing markets. The Nokia 215 represents a simple device, with a 2,4 inch screen, 0.3 megapixel camera, 320×240 pixel display and dual SIM capability for countries where it is regular to use more than one network provider.

The device also has Bluetooth connectivity, Am/FM radio, a flashlight and a bunch of s to choose from. Connectivity is restricted to 2G networks and most likely WiFi. Although it is a feature phone, the Nokia 215 will offer online connectivity only via the Opera Mini browser with Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Bing Search. Those are installed by default in the phone`s memory.

Getting the smartphone bar lower

In 2010 a company named Maylong offered the first 129 dollars Android tablets. They were sold by Walgreens for 99 dollars. So, these first two Android devices offered terrible functionality, but this was no surprise due to their lower price. Nowadays, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire- class tablets can be bought at around 100 dollars and they offer better experience than those from the past.

The Nokia 215 is not that extraordinary like a modern iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy, but it offers features that cover its target markets and suits them with online capabilities that feature phones did not offer so far. Basically, the difference between a feature phone and a smartphone was easy to comprehend. A feature phone makes calls and handles regular tasks. A smartphone can do almost everything. So, the Nokia 215 may be the new popular one because is low-price and has browser and social media characteristics. This may be the future of the market: providing functional phones with little expenses.

Until now the efforts to push phones down into this price level were strange. As an example, we have Firefox OS-powered Intex Cloud FX described by customers as a 2007 technology compared to nowadays. So, it is estimated that Nokia 215 will be better than that phone or the Maylong tablet because of the fact that other Lumia phones are well-regarded. Feature phones like the 215 can become the future of the common use phone, even in developed markets. In other words, Nokia tries through this new model to offer all the advantages possible when it comes to buying a phone: low price, different characteristics and accessibility. It is like they combined a future phone with a smartphone.