Learn when to restart you laptop, smartphone or tablet

Restarting your smartphone ‘“ how often should you do it?

The most simple and shortest answer to this question would be not very often. Due to their design, smartphones should be on all the time. Smartphones are still phones after all so that means that you should always remain available to be contacted.

This does not mean that you should not restart it. It is recommended to restart your phone from time to time in order to install OS updates or when your device is buggy or working slow. Restarting does not only help you with slowed responding time but it also helps with frees some RAM space.

Also, keep in mind that if your phone starts to run hotter all of the sudden, a restart is recommended. This solution is recommended only if the problem is not regular. If this keeps happening, there might be something wrong with your device. You should only restart your smartphone once or twice a week.

How your device is running is only part of the problem and the power draw is another. Normally, when you restart your phone, the energy in your batter will go down as well. Even if you would turn off at night then turn it back on in the morning, it will take up just as much power as if you would have left it on all the time. Tablets and smartphones were designed to consume less power when they are in sleep mode.

Best advice: Restart your smartphone only when you need to.

What about tablets? How often should they be restarted?

Androids and iPads are essentially ARM-based tablets, so they work the way smartphones do. Because you tablet should stay on most of the time, you should only restart it to complete the installation of a software or when it starts to work slow.

Some things differ when looking at the Surface Pro from Windows. These tablets should be treated as laptops with Windows 8 on them. Also, keep in mind that both AMD and Intel tablets only need to be restarted after you have done a security scan, a new software installation, when the device starts to heat up or the fans are working very loud. And not to forget, tablets, just as the smartphones, should be restarted when they buggy and slow.

In sleep mode Windows 8 and Windows 10 are designed to consume little to no power at all, therefore x86 Windows tablets can stay on all the time. Restart the tablet only when you have to.

When is it recommended to restart your laptop?

Restarting you laptop only depends on the platform you are using. Windows 8 or 10 laptops should only be restarted when needed. If you keep your laptop on, it will start to run slower and rebooting it will resolve this issue. Most likely, on Windows, updates and software installations, and after security scans your laptop will need a reboot.

Fans help you laptop or MacBook to keep cool, so if they start to whir loudly so it might be a good time to restart them.

Older versions of Windows will need to be turned off every day, this way you will not use too much power and will protect the components, which will be less worked up when you are using your laptop.

And PC?

PCs are essentially the same as laptops, so restart your PC only when it is too hot, the fans are too loud or it runs very slow. You will receive notifications when you need to restart in order to update or install software.

Old PCs will have to be shut down every day as they tend to consume more power. Windows 8 and 10 can be left on sleep mode.