Kraftwerk fuel cell will offer you the possibility to charge your phone with gas

It kinda does not matter what is the size of your external battery, it will only offer you a small period of time after which you will need to opt for charging directly to the grid. Kraftwerk does not represent a regular battery, even though it might resemble one. This small device is a self-contained fuel cell that works on basic lighter gas and can change a smartphone 11 times without any hard bumps.

Kickstarters tools are usually a bit more troublesome than those for software or services. For hardware, many things can end badly in the manufacturing process when a project starts to get into shape. The specialists at eZelleron have established the technology and have a functional prototype to present to the public. You will only need three seconds to fill the container, which represents a considerable faster charging option, than in the case of charging a lithium-ion alternative. The main question around all this is why we should we use hydrocarbons instead of renewable sources.

We can underline a bunch of disadvantages when it comes to hydrocarbons, but there is an obvious advantage: they have useful energy density. This is the reason why the cost of renewable energy has not reached yet the already known price of traditional internal combustion. Obviously, Kraftwerk represents a fuel cell, which means that it is not consuming the lighter`s gas like it happens with the camping gas LPG fuel. Alternatively, it makes use of a chemical reaction inside the fuel cell in order to determine the hydrogen atoms from butane to deliver power. eZelleron has repeatedly called this a personal power plant, which might not be entirely mistaken.

If it were for us to follow what the company states about the whole process, Kraftwerk will be just a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). The response of hydrocarbons and oxygen that lays in the fuel cell provides energy and a small amount of heat. Anyway, the use up of this system is not terrible. It represents only water vapor and carbon dioxide and it is said not to be dangerous to take on an airplane. If the carbon output annoys you, there are LPG fuels that aim to protect the environment from which you can choose and they guarantee you they are obtained from renewable sources.

So, with this innovative device, you can charge anything that can connect through an USB. The main disadvantage is the fact that it has only one port. This is due to the fact that the power output goes around only 2 watts and it has a peak power of 10 watts. This is enough for charging a phone or a tablet, but for newer devices you will need up to 15 watts.

Kraftwerk is not low-cost. It is pricey, but it provides you a lot of efficient power. As an example, a can of 5 dollars lighter gas can replenish the Kraftwerk a couple of times. Its capacity is complicated to measure when compared with lithium-ion cells, but a full tank in the Kraftwerk should provide you the same as 20.000 mAh. Anyway, you will not be deprived of anything when it comes to comparing the Kraftwerk and lithium battery.