Innovative charging technology

The nightmare of endless cables and cradles will soon be over.

It has always been a burden to charge every device you own, be it smartphone, tablet or even the electric toothbrush. The smartwatch is the latest product added on the list of short battery life devices.

This is about to change though.

In 2014 you had no option but to carry around an ugly cradle in order to charge your smartwatch. It’s a thing of the past. The Sony Smartwatch 3 features a hidden micro USB port, an additional charging accessory being no longer needed.

Smart tech companies have been investing time and money in extending the battery lives of the wristwatch and their efforts finally paid off. Withings Activité Pop provides up to six month working battery life while low power E ink bracelets such as LookSee and Tago Arc have over one year battery capacity. Intel is developing a low power Curie module. Swatch announces a non-rechargeable battery for its new smartwatch and the luxury brand Cristophe & Co has recently introduced the self charging smart bracelet ‘“ Armill. These are all options that weren’t available before and it’s one step forward toward a longer battery lifespan.

After receiving $10m investment UBeam is intending to launch its long-range wireless charging technology so you won’t need to stay in a single place if you want to use your device while it’s charging. This technology is going to use ultrasound to power the devices found in the surrounding area.

Misfit Swarovski Shine

Priced jewelry brands aren’t falling short when it comes to ingenious innovations. The latest tracker from Misfit comes with a built-in solar sensor which powers up the shiny bracelet. What’s more exciting is that a well-lit room is just as good to provide the Swarovski Shine tracker with enough energy to last for one day.

Android Wear

For the last half of 2014 Android Wear only managed to sell 720, 000 watches and the short lived battery seemed like the most probable lacking factor. HTC is actually planning to outshine its competitors with their latest smartwatch which will be unveiled at MWC 2015.

Moto 360 smartwatch would’ve been great if not for the fact that it needed a software update to just last for one day with the always-on screen.

Which are the improvements that Google can bring? Adjust the low power mode so that you can save battery when you just want to check the time. Users should be able to choose how many full screen or coloured images they really need. Go for wireless charging docks like Motorola’s rather than cradles.

Withings Activité Pop

There has been a lot of talk about the better screen for a smartwatch. LCD screen or regular screen? Withings Activité Pop left all the fitness stats in its app and went for the regular time screen, keeping just a 0-100 dial for counting the steps you’ve walked throughout the day. Aside from this basic feature, the tracker attracts the costumers with its trendy look and a six-month replaceable battery.