HTC One M9 "Hima" leaked information

After quite some time of being the last choice for an Android phone, HTC has had to endure some pretty hard times these past few years. However, the company has managed to turn itself around during 2014.

This year will be decisive for HTC. Its success or downfall will only depend on how the company and Android's go-to phone, the M9 nicknamed “Hima” will sell. Leaks about this new device have already appeared.

The latest leak hails from, a site known for its early device hardware information releases. Usually, the devices leaked here are OEM – assembled without the internals. We are pretty sure that this is the case with HTC's M9 as well, thought its technical specs have already been leaked on numerous other occasions.

It might not be as rounded as the M8 or as angular M7 model, but the M9's aluminium unibody design and frontal BoomSound speakers are the same as previous HTC models. However, the singular back camera will separate the M9 from its M8 predecessor.

It is very well known that the M8 has the same 4MP Ultrapixel sensor as the M7 but with a second, lower-resolution camera for depth of field adjustments, something which HTC dubbed the Duo Camera. The M9 phone model will apparently use a single 20MP image sensor if the leaks are correct.

The Duo Camera did not receive the positive feedback HTC might have want it to be due to the fact that it dampered Lytro devices, the Duo Camera was not actually doing past-capture focusing as it should. Also, 4MP do not really leave you with enough space to crop the pixels well enough. According to the latest leaked images, the M9 will feature a single camera on its back which could produce better quality results.

While most flagship phones are quick to incorporate displays of 1440p, several sources claim that the new HTC M9 phone will have the regular five inch 1080p LED display.Most users are quite satisfied with a five inch display, especially for one-handed use.

Another advantage will be that if you are used to larger displays such as those of a Samsung Nexus 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, a five inch display will seem small. A big plus when using 1080p would be that it has better battery performance. LG G3 has a great standing time for example, but once the 1440p LCD kicks in, the battery's performance will diminish significantly.

HTC's One M9 is expected to include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and have 3 GB of RAM. This 64-bit chip is equiped with four Cortex-A57 and four A53 ARM cores in a configuration big.LITTLE. Qualcomm have reported overheating troubles with the 810 chip and they do not really have that much time to solve this issue.

The new HTC M9 smartphone is expected to be launched at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona on the first of March 2015.