Google Now available to third-party developers

The search knowledge of Google`s Android search developed from a clear text box into Google Now. This is the first time when the company allows third parties to add app data directly to that interface. Before this all the cards in Google Now came strictly from Google, but from now on information that comes from apps used by third party developers will be shown on Google Now.

This is estimated that will offer Google Now the opportunity to reach a new level of usefulness.

At their beginnings, Google Now cards only worked on Android, but today they have migrated to the iOS Google app and Chrome desktop browser. Google Now is meant to get together data on your location, search history and preferences in order to establish accurate information before you have to ask for it. As an example, we can think about an appointment on your calendar. Google can access in its storehouse of data and figure out where you are, where you need to go and how the traffic will be. As a result, it will send you a useful notification card that will offer you suggestion on when you have to leave and which route you should take.

Those cool card provided through Google Now have been too few in order to get ordinary users accustomed to actually checking them. The most commonly used cards are those for parking location and news. But there are more than 30 apps that have access to Google Now in partnership with Google like Runtastic, Shazaam or Mint.

Anyhow, this is not fully available for public API, so it won`t overcrowd your feed with cards. Selected developers have been offered the tools to adjoin contextual data from their apps to Google Now. So, if you use Duolingo, Google Now might have some quick lesson links in order to provide you some help. Shazaam will offer you a card with the most recent songs you`ve identified. Coinbase can pop up a card when the value of your Bitcoin is up or down.

So, extended cards will be perfect for Android users. All it takes is for developers to provide smart data to be revealed in Google Now. This will help users to open less the actual app. This offers us the commodity to just use Now cards in order to check multiple bits of data from various apps. This is a great advantage for Google because the search screen represents the center of Google`s Android experience. In order to be able to use the cards, you will have to enable search, history, location, voice and many other features.

Because the search interface depends on what Google does, it is logic that there is not a public API for apps. Basically, Google wants to manage what information gets into the card stack and it does not matter if it comes from a third-party. It is said that some sort of limited access will be available in the future for everyone, but for the moment Google is acting cautiously.