All about CES 2015

A typical week a CES will go like this: within 45 miles of walking you will have to attend a couple dozen press events, booth visits and you will have to spend the nights in an overpriced hotel room. So, exploring the major recurrent theme of the show will be an easy pick: cars and car tech are always the main attraction.

Attending CES will determine you to experience a little from everything like a drone that allows you to make Hollywood-style movies, an astonishing 3D desktop, a roundup of the slew of 3D printers or the all brand new Android tablet that aims to dethrone Microsoft`s surface in the hybrid space.

As a ritual, CES starts off two days before the floor opens. This is called CES Unveiled. More than a hundred companies fight for having the attention of the media members present at the show. This is the best opportunity for small companies new to the market to make them noticed. As an example, we have the company called MyFox. Normally it will have been lost among all the home security offerings on the floor. It is a European alarm company which exists for almost 10 years now. The systems offered by MyFox are able to communicate with each other over long distances. So, if there are enough of these systems in your neighborhood, they can alert you if the cable was cut off by thieves. This common DIY alarm system can communicate even though it was cut off from the internet. All it requires is other similar systems to be around.

An important feature of CES is the day booked for press events. You can wait more than two hours in order to get in press conferences with big companies like Samsung. Some say there is no point to struggle to get this kind of press conference because of the fact that the events are streamed. Basically, a conference is self-congratulatory and scripted. Although, for each conference you can expect some surprises so it is worth a try.

For example, Samsung released a thumb-sized 1TB SSD. If you get the opportunity to held one you will see that is tiny and almost weightless. It will have various sizes from 250 GB to 1TB, but they will be expensive too. The 1TB version is sold at 600 dollars for pre-order on Amazon. It makes logic because a 1TB mSATA SSD is about 500 dollars. The difference is made by the markup.

Anyway, Samsung can`t go over Apple and Sony. At CES Samsung presented a new version of Milk, the Milk VR. This is a source for Gear VR content that it is supposed to be added to everyday use. It is obvious they will need a perfect Gear VR in order to reach the market. So, bottom line, we will have to wait until CES 2016 to see the evolution of Samsung and if the Milk VR will prove to be a major attraction or not. CES 2016 will be more spectacular!