A new computer chess champion is declared

We all know the first computer who defeated a human world champion. Eighteen years ago IBM`s Deep Blue defeated the champion at chess at that time, Kasparov. Anyway, Garry Kasparov is still thought-out as the greatest chess player in history.

After TCEC Season 7, there was proclaimed another computer chess world champion. It is called Komodo and it can reach an Elo rating of 3304, which is higher than Kasparov or, why not state it, any human brain that plays chess at the moment.

After Deep Blue`s winning in 1996, a rematch was held in 1997 and Deep Blue also won. After this, in the following years, there were many competitions between humans and computers, but by 2006, computer chess programs were absolutely in the lead. So, we all know by now that the most excellent chess program can beat without difficulty the world`s best human chess players.

This advantage of machines over man is mostly due to two factors. One of them is Moore`s law that states that computer chips are becoming more complex every two years. The second one is the fact that there are some upgrades to the underlying software.

In computer chess loops, Moore`s law it is said to add around 50 Elo rating points after two passing years. As an example, after 18 years of the defeat of Kasparov, the software achieved around 450 points. There is also the option of boosting the computer chess software by using iterative versions. Komodo 8 has an Elo rating that gets around 60 points higher than Komodo 7a and both use the same hardware.

Because of the fact that computers began to surpass human chess players, there was no logic in continuing to dive them against each other. So, nowadays we have computer-only chess leagues for all to chess programs to battle against each other.

The last season of TCEC ended with Komodo 8 barely beating the champion Stockfish5. This victory is probably due to the fact that the chess Grandmaster Larry Kaufman joined the development team. Kaufman goes for evaluation and Komodo depends more on it than depth. We can say that this technique is working just fine because Komodo is ranked as a top chess program.

Bottom line, the first game of 1997 between Gary Kasparov and Deep Blue was led by continuously encountered bug. This bug determined Deep Blue to go for a fail safe move. Anyway, Kasparov did not know about the bug and he could not guess what the software was trying to achieve through its move. In other words, he mistakenly decided that the computer was better than him. Kasparov won the first game, but was on the edge with the second because of the bug, so he accused IBM of cheating. This led to resigning the game and the following year to losing the match. So, nowadays there appears to be a continuous struggle between human chess players and computer software. Some say it is not a fair fight because the computers get better and better everyday.