A carrier from Japan reports a SIM hack

The most important carrier in Japan, NTT DoCoMo Inc states that it is pursuing an investigation about the fact that its customers were troubled by a reported hack of a key mobile phone element offered by Gemalto NV.

A news website called The Intercept announced the fact that the US National Security Agency and Britain`s Government Communications Headquarters hacked into Gemalto`s systems in order to get some encryption keys that could offer security access towards settings of multiple mobile phones.

The Japanese carrier started using SIM cards manufactured by Gemalto in 2001.

DoCoMo refused to state in an email response whether the mobile phones use SIM cards provided by the Franco-Dutch supplier or not. It only said that the necessary actions will be taken after they will finish the investigation. Gemalto is attending its own investigation that concerns American and British spies.

The Subscriber identity module, SIM, represents a chip that goes as an electronic ID for the mobile phone. It is the one that distinguishes a phone from others for the mobile network operator.

It is known that Gemalto is a competitor of various European and Chinese SIM card providers. It offers around 2 billion SIM cards a year and among its customers we can identify Verizon and Vodafone.